Monday, August 17, 2009

so many annoyances, so little time

This morning I woke up for a job interview. I showered and made myself all pretty and professional looking. I got in the car for a drive that was to last less than 10 minutes. I noticed that people were driving more retarded than usual, but it wasn't a big deal until an old man in a Buick decided that there probably wasn't in the lane that he wanted to be in. Me: BRAKE! HONK! Flip the old man the bird, which went unnoticed of course.

Ok, near accident, brush it off. I get to the interview at a children's store, and the person isn't ready for me yet. I wander around for a few minutes, and then we go next door to the bakery to sit down. Now, "interview" isn't really the applicable word here. It was just this person talking to me, and me trying to interject here and there. About 10 minutes later, we were done. Gee good think I put effort into that. I don't think it went badly, but it was definitely the shortest interview I've ever had.

On the way home, I was planning on stopping at the bank to open an account. I have a check for a bracelet I'm making, and some cash from a photo shoot I did yesterday (more on that later), so I figured I needed to use that to start a new account. I'd done my research - not only did I know which bank I wanted, but I knew which account I wanted and what I needed for it. I thought. The lady talked to me like I was a retarded 5 year old. (Hmmmm, sounds familiar....)

-Hi, I need to open a new checking account.
-Ok, do you know what kind of account you want?
-Yes, "the best" checking.
-Yes, that's our most popular.
(At this point, she folds her hands on the desk, like she's very concerned.)
-Do you know the requirements to open an account?
-Yes I do.
-Well let me just get you a brochure. (circles the account info) Here are the requirements.
-Yes, I looked at it on the website.
-Where did you move from?
-Michigan, about a month ago.
(folds her hands again)
-Do you have an updated driver's license? Or something that shows your current address?
-Oh, no. The website didn't say anythng about that, and I've never needed it before.
(continues to be concerned because a retarded 5 year old is trying to be a grownup)
-Yeah, they really need to put that on there.
-Well let me see if I do have anything. (I pull out some mail that I have in my backpack and flip through it.) No, these are all my boyfriend's.
-Well will he be on the account with you?

I say no he won't and that I'll have to come back. She gives me her best concerned nod. But even if he was going to be on the account with me, wouldn't he have to be there? I mean we have different names, and one of the requirements (that I did meet) was 2 forms of ID. I am clearly not a Jason, and my check is not made out to Jason either. But obvioiusly I'm just a scared little girl, and I don't know how to take that big step of handling my own finances. She didn't even ask if I had a job or anything. Yay for condescending bank tellers!

On the way home, I watched the car behind me suddenly decide it needed to be in the far right lane. We were in the far left lane on a 3 lane street. Somehow a tiny car managed to block 3 lanes of traffic. His buddy decided to follow him. The truck in the middle lane decided to go around the first car, between that and the second car. I was waiting for the inevitable smashing sound, but it never came. Either way, I was glad I was in front of this mess instead of behind it.

And I arrived home, less than an hour after I left, and about 10 times as annoyed.


Amy Jo said...

My 3.5 year old son can correctly identify bad drivers. Why? I am constantly pointing them out so he will have an example of how not to do things once he can get behind the wheel.

Good luck with the job/bank search.

super des said...

Oh that's smart.
Or it will give him a complex. :)

Jbeeky said...

I think bank tellers make thier job harder so they feel needed. Or they all have the same brain deformity.

super des said...

I applied to be a bank teller once and did not get the job. I think that's why.

# #