Thursday, August 13, 2009

good news

Today was potentially a good day on the job front. A local beer pub was having open interviews, so Jay and I headed down there. We walk in and there are a few people with paperwork and a few doing interviews. We're handed the applications and take a seat. Normal stuff: work history, education, etc, but on the back there is a quiz about beer. I realized that I know nothing about Belgian beers, which is the cornerstone of this pub. But I do the best I can.

When we finished the applications, we had a few minutes to sit around. A girl near us was doing her interview, so we sort of listened in. Now, the last question on the quiz was "how did Michael Jackson influence you?" Obviously a joke question, but I had an answer for it. (When I was 5 I broke my arm, and was moonwalking in the ER.) The guy doing the interview asked this girl "so how did you like the quiz?" She says it was fine, but what was with that last question? The guy laughed it off but she was serious. He was like "well you've heard of Michael Jackson, right?" And she said no. She was serious. There is a person in this world who - even after all the recent hubbub - had never heard of Michael Jackson. Jay and I exchanged shocked looks. I didn't think that was even possible, but there she was.

Our interview time came up, and we were separated. There were 3 different interviewers: I talked to Man A and Man B, and Jay talked to Man B and Woman. Man A was a lot more serious and business minded, but apparently I was entertaining enough that we talked for a long time. Jay kind of got brushed off it seems, so he was done way before me and was able to listen in on mine. Then I got Man B, and we spent more time joking and laughing, but still talked for a while. So hopefully one (or both) of us hears something from that. Sure, I'm the people person, but Jay is the one that knows beer. We would be a good team.

Then I had a "casual interview" about being a promo model for an energy drink. The guy mentioned he needed a sales rep as well, and Jay was there, so we are both now representatives of Cocaine Energy Drink. We go to bars and anywhere else we can, I wear a sexy schoolgirl outfit, we give away samples, and then when bar owners, etc. realize that this product can be sold, they talk to Jay. It's not a bad rap - right now it's not enough to pay the bills, but it's a nice coupla bucks. (To be honest, the drink is pretty tasty.)

So when we got home from all that, I once again hopped on craigslist. I applied to a retail position at a children's store, and a few minutes got a call for an interview. That happens on Monday. Since the energy drink thing is only a coupla hours a week, I can definitely hold a day job as well. So wish me luck with all my endeavors!


mar said...

good luck!
and awesome news. i saw your pics on facebook & hopped over here to see if you'd posted.

Average Jane said...

Good luck! Sounds like you have some promising things in the works. :)

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