Tuesday, February 05, 2008

adventures at the bank

To prove that I really do live in Michigan now, I needed a new bank account. (Besides the fact that the old one was shared with the xbf.) I did a bit of research and finally decided on a bank that met most of my requirements: There are lots of branches / ATMs around here (though none in CA or NY or many of the other places I may travel), and it is possible to have a checking account that 1) does not have a minimum balance requirement 2) does not require direct deposit and 3) does not charge a monthly fee. Conveniently enough, there is a branch right around the corner from my apartment. So yesterday I set out on a New Bank Account Quest.

There was snow on the ground, and it was cold outside, but other than that the weather was favorable. And because my internet at home had not been working for a few days and I was having withdrawals, I packed up my tiny laptop into my tiny backpack, and set out on my merry way, thinking that I may find some place with free wifi and lunch. The one thing I did forget, however, was my new camera (wanna see the official review?). Of course I realized this when I saw some cool bird tracks in the snow and had no way of digitally commemorating them.

I hit the bank first, and am still getting over the fact that there are not 10,000 people everywhere I go, like I'm used to from the good old NYC days. I walked right up to the counter, the person was smiley, and I put my name down to go into the special back office where apparently new accounts are set up. (That sounds totally shady, and I kinda wish it was because it would make for a better story, but I assure you it was a very normal bank transaction.)

I told the guy that I wanted to set up a checking account, and was a tiny bit offended when he didn't bother asking which account I wanted. Sure, he chose the free one which *is* the one I wanted, but can you please not assume that because I have blue hair and a punkrock t-shirt that I don't have the $20,000 required for the "gold" account? kthnxbai. Then he asked how much I wanted to deposit and I pulled out $100 in cash and a check for $12.09*. We both laughed at the fact that I had a check for 12 bucks, but his laugh was more patronizing than mine. But it wasn't just his laugh that was patronizing. It was the questions Have you applied for a MI driver's license yet? and Are you planning on getting a job? I "politely" informed him that, yes, I would do these things say maybe after I've lived here more than 2 weeks. But, I never have to deal with that guy again, thanks to the magic of Automatic Teller Machines and Direct Deposit (once I get that job he was poking at), so fah to him.

Mission 1 accomplished, I set out for mission 2, finding internet. There are a coupla strip malls around, and being the spoiled NY girl that I am, I assumed somewhere around would have wifi, and maybe some lunch I could buy on the pretense of using their internet. If I was in NYC, I wouldn't be able to turn around without finding a place. I checked a coupla bagel / sandwich places, and even a McDonalds, but no luck. So I pouted and gave up and went home. Luckily for me and the rest of the world, my Jason roughed up the internet providers a little so that I could continue with my addiction.

The end. Or is it?....

*Apparently I was involved in some class action suit against some big company or whatever. Hey, when people send me checks, even tiny ones, I don't ask questions.

ps, here's a picture of my cute little laptop. It's blue like my camera, and it's covered in stickers so you know it's mine.


flutter said...

why is our children not learning, anyway?

super des said...

It's not because of my laptop, I swear.

Suzanne said...

That is a rocking CUSS sticker on your laptop.

And, I am happy to hear that New York does not have a lock on haughty employees who have no right to be haughty.

super des said...

that CUSS sticker went on it as soon as I knew the laptop was MINE. (I coulda traded it if I didn't like it.)

And this guy wasn't bitchy NYer, he was like condescending Midwesterner. Though he's the first I've encountered like that so far. But I don't get out much.

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