Thursday, August 20, 2009


So... the other day I had a job interview for a certain unnamed department store with a bullseye logo. Poor Jay didn't realize I would be there for 2+ hours and was stuck walking around the store while I talked to one guy, waited in the break room, talked to a chick, waited in the break room, then talked to the last guy and signed the paperwork to become an employee. That's right, I got a job.

However, the problem is that it's not a 40 hour week, and I'm making less money than I was in MI, and that wasn't that much to begin with. So I need a night job too, preferably waiting tables or something that would give me the cash flow.

But this morning I had one of those lame-o "interviews" at a temp agency. The job would pay a lot more, but it would be one of those mind-numbingly boring cubicle/ data entry / phone jobs. So I'm torn. Have a fun job where I get to interact with people and be active (and not cover my tattoos) but can't pay my bills, or have a super boring job that will at least make me some money. But the temp agency totally pissed me off about this one - they wouldn't tell me what exactly I would be doing, or where the job is, or what the company does, or anything. I was like how do I know this isn't a waste of my time then?

I'm supposed to hear back tomorrow from the temp agency if I need to come back down to their office for an interview (because the real job is so super secret, I don't even interview at the place I'd be working!), and then I need to make a decision. Boring, slow death job that pays pretty well, or fun, active job that pays like poop (BUT I get a discount!)?

I'm actually leaning towards the higher paying job. We'll see if I even get the call back from that though. What would y'all do?


Arlene said...

I have worked for temp agencies in the past. They never tell you where or who you will be working for until the assignment begins.

I have also been hired temp to perm after a little as a couple weeks.

If it was me I'd go with the boring temp assignment, put the bullseye people on hold and see how it works.

You can always quit the temp thing if it get to you too bad.

super des said...

I've worked for temp agencies too... but they weren't this secretive. Hmm.

mar said...

i know that a lot of temp agencies do that. though i think they keep it "secret" is partly because that way the company won't be bombarded by independent jobseekers hoping to cut out the middle man.
with all your jobhunting adventures, what are j's like? or is he not having nearly as much interesting experiences?

super des said...

Jay's field is so much more specialized than mine, he has less options (and thus, less adventures). Though we did spend 3 hours at a certain blue-shirted electronics store yesterday while he went through the steps of talking to various people during "open interviews."

(They wouldn't let me have an interview because I hadn't applied online, and the computer in the store to do it on was broken. Too bad there was NOBODY in the store whose job it was to fix computers...)

Sarah said...

I would go with the boring job... i had a lot of luck with temp jobs... you can get hired on and get benefits fairly quickly if they like you.

Can you tell the bulls eye you have to take care of something and delay your start date?

The secret stuff is probably because the job has that position posted on monster or the like and if you were to apply and get hired that way the temp place wouldn't get paid for "finding" you.

Jbeeky said...

Depends on how bad you need the money. Going with a temp job might give you a little time to get a cool job that ALSO pays well.

Suzanne Reisman said...

Not even a question - take the job that pays well!

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