Monday, June 28, 2010

there's nothing urgent about urgent care

Yesterday I had to take my boyfriend to Urgent Care. He hadn't been feeling well for a while, and all signs pointed to an ear infection. It finally got so bad that he agreed to go to the doctor.

Since I've dealt with the inevitable waiting room before, I brought my DS to play, while he just sat next to me trying not to throw up (and failing). But I also had the good fortune to sit next to The Most Obnoxious Woman In North Carolina. She spent the entire 3 hours that we were in Waiting Room A yakking loudly on her cell phone. She used her time to call literally everyone she knew to tell them that she was in EC. So I got to hear her story about 80 billion times.

She ran outside "real quick" to grab something, and didn't bother putting shoes on. Then when she ran up the back steps, she got a big splinter! A splinter the size of a matchstick, she repeatedly claimed. And yes, she tried getting it out by using pliers and even an exacto knife. This is where she would laugh and go "I know! I'm so lame!"

Yes. Yes she was.

I didn't pity her at all, though I did feel sorry for her 16-17 year old daughter, who had been forced to drive her mother to EC. In fact, she would rather wait in the car in the heat for god knows how long, then sit and hear her mom complain about it more. This gave the mom ample chance to talk about her. At one point Splinter Lady was on the phone with her own mom complaining that said daughter wanted to "run away" to college in Florida. But the out of state tuition costs are ridiculous! So she was going to "gently convince" her that she should stay at home, get an Associate's Degree from the local community college, and then transfer to NCUA. I understand the mom's logic, what with expenses and all, but I also feel for the daughter wanting to get far far away from this train wreck.

I was so glad when they finally called Jason's name. Not just because it meant we were "almost" done, but because I didn't have to listen to this woman talking about her giant splinter anymore. You know, the piece of wood the size of a matchstick stuck in her foot. That she tried and tried to get out herself, but failed. So she had to come to EC. And call all her friends. And annoy des for 3 hours.

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