Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There are 4 people on my team at work. One moved away, and my boss decided not to replace him so that the remaining 3 of us could have more hours. That's awesome, we need the hours and we can still do our job without one more guy. Then I got the new position (which starts next week), and obviously they need to replace me, because they can't do the job with just 2 people, and I probably do more than my share of work anyway.

But now it looks like they might have to replace yet another team member. He was scheduled for Friday, Saturday, Sunday off. Lucky bastard gets a 3 day weekend. But he called out on Thursday. We had our suspicions about that, as it's probably nice to have a four day weekend PLUS this guy is a big soccer fan and there were 4 games on that day. Convenient, we all thought. Then the HR guy at our store saw him at a local baseball game that night. You know, because he was sick.

So Monday rolls around, and 7am comes, and only two of us are there. Mister Four Day weekend calls and says he's going to be 15 minutes late. (Please note, by 7am we are already supposed to be starting work.) Those 15 minutes roll by, and he's a no show. And in fact, we never heard from him for the rest of the day. Management actually marked him as a no-call,no-show since saying you're going to be 15 minutes late is way different than calling out completely. He must have had a nice 5 day weekend. I mean, I'll feel bad if something actually happened to him during those 15 minutes, but given his record I feel that maybe his job was getting in the way of his World Cup viewing.

However, we got revenge on him today (in theory). It's my scheduled day off, and the other guy is taking his belated Father's Day today (with permission, since Tuesdays are pretty slow). That means IF this other guy finally decides to come back to work, he'll be all by himself. He'll know how it feels to not come even close t finishing the day's task (yet still have the big boss man expecting it). But like I said, that's IF he shows up.

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Anonymous said...

Well you KNOW I love me some World Cup, but yeesh, I just watch the fifa.com updates at work. Because...um...I like a paycheck!

How's this for irresponsibility? My ex-boss, the one who got promoted, then DEMOTED down 2 steps when everyone realized she couldn't do her work, complained endlessly to anyone who would listen about her demotion (because she's INCOMPETENT) and then went out on "disability." Yeah. Her only disability is being a complete loser. Gah.

It's SBob, not really anonymous, but keeping it down low.

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