Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've recently decided to buy a new ipod. Mine is like 5 years old, and since I listen to music way more than I watch tv, I need more space. And, due to my recent busy schedule at work (read: picking up shifts so I don't get a day off) I've got a little bit of extra money. So I'm busy checking out ebay and craigslist because even though I can afford a small purchase, I can't afford the $200 or so needed for a new one.

I also don't need one of those fancy new ipods. I have no use for a videocamera, or even video capability. And thanks to my connections at the local mobile phone store, I'll have myself a smartphone in about 3 months, so I don't need an ipod touch with "app" capability (cappability). I need something to play music in the background while I do everything from driving to making jewelry* to cleaning the house, to playing videogames.

My old ipod still works fine. But it gets in "moods" where it will only play certain artists. (I always have it on shuffle, but sometimes you wouldn't know it.) Since it's only 2gb of space, that means I hear the same songs a lot. Obviously I like all the songs on there, since they came from my own collection, but I also haven't changed them in over 2 years. The story behind that is that I hate itunes, so when I left NYC I didn't bother installing it on my new computer. That also means that any new music I've accumulated has not been added, or any songs that I left off because they were too quiet to hear in The Big City could be added now. And I figure if I'm going to get itunes (and I hear it is much better now, ie less computer - breaking) then I might as well get a new ipod. Shutup, it's good logic.

And yes, I realize I don't have to go with apple brand, but they are so widespread that I feel like ALL the accessories I might buy, speakers or cases or whatever, are made for ipods. And since my last one worked / works so well, I've got no problem with it.

*ahem, oh hai, I've gotten back into that whole making jewelry for sale thing.

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