Friday, June 11, 2010

new job position

Today I was given the news that I got the new position at work. Now instead of beng in charge of inventory and stocking the store, I'll be hanging all the signs. The hours are pretty much the same, and I get a bit of a raise. Every little bit helps!

However, I don't feel as excited as I should. Why? Because I was the only one to apply to the job. They had to give it to me. There were 3 job openings all at the same time: this one, a team lead, and a senior team lead. But the other jobs are at the other store in town, and you are only allowed to apply to one job. Frankly, I didn't even know about the other two, or maybe I would have applied for the one I'm (semi) qualified for. Everyone else did. Seriously, a large portion of my coworkers put in for them. I guess I'm just less ambitious than them? I don't know.

My current supervisor was sad and fake mad at me. But he is one of the people that applied for the senior team lead, so he can't say too much. He knows I need the money, and rather than leave the store completely, I'm just moving off his team. We can still hang out, but he's sad that losing me means more work for him.

When I was given the news, I was assured that it's because I'm so awesome (her words), so that makes me feel a little better. Anyway, I start my new position in 2 or 3 weeks, so I'll report back then. Hopefully the raise will be enough to start changing my life, but if not, I'll still keep my options open.


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