Friday, July 24, 2009

we live in a zoo

Femi sleeps in Jessica's room, Lily sleeps in Jessica's roommate's room, and Mecrutio sleeps in our room. Lately the roommate hasn't been home so we've been taking care of Lily. Poor little sausage dog gets lonely, so we decided to leave our door open in case she wanted to come sleep with us. I had no idea that her tiny legs would have the power to propel her onto our bed, which is a few feet of the ground, but the other night BAM! Dog on the bed.

Thankfully, Lily and Mecrutio completely ignore each other. (It's Femi that likes to chase the cat.) So when Lily jumped up to cuddle, Mecru didn't bat an eyelash. We all spent a very warm night jammed into a full-size bed: me, Jay, Lily, and Mecrutio. I was especially warm because Lily slept on my feet. But whatever, I deal.

Until the morning. God forbid someone drive by, because Lily has to bark her little sausage head off. This not only startles Jay and I awake, it also startles Mecru awake. When the cat is startled, he bolts. Have I mentioned that Mecrutio sleeps on my chest? So when he bolted I got 2 very long painful scratches across my chest & neck.

This made for a few grumpy minutes while Lily was kicked out of the bedroom and the cat retreated under the bed. We got back to sleep, and then there were at least 2 separate birds outside taunting the cat. CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP, really loud, right next to the window, right above our heads. Eventually I got fed up with it and went into the living room. Jay later told me that another bird came and did the same thing later, which forced him to wake up.

Add this to our curtainless, East-facing windows that allow the hot morning sun to shine right on our faces, and needless to say, we didn't sleep well that night. Sleeping arrangements have since been altered.


Anonymous said...

just think about how nice it will be when you guys get your own place.

super des said...

We'll still have the cat, and at some point another puppy, so we'll see how that goes.

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