Monday, July 27, 2009


This weekend was the Bele Chere festival in Asheville, which apparently is a pretty big deal. Basically all of downtown turns into a street fair with music, vendors, food, crafts, etc. Admission & the bands are free. Like any city that has something like this, the locals tend to hate it. Since Jay and I are still relatively new locals, we had to check it out.

We were there most of Friday, stealing away occasionally to real restaurants to get cheap food and have breaks from the crowd. I took a ton of pictures (of course) because there was some damn fine people watching. Check them out at my Flickr. There was a girl selling chokers and anklets - the kind that you put on once and then they stay forever - and I really wanted one. However, the no job thing meant that I didn't have the $25 required, and she didn't have a website or anything where I could get one later. So, I'll just have to learn to make them myself.
We meant to go back Saturday & Sunday, but what can I say? Laziness took over. Instead, I worked on this bracelet, which is exactly halfway done now.

Speaking of jobs, no luck yet. We went to the mall today so I could hopefully get something, even if it's not the best job in the world. I applied at B&N, because I did technically work there before and maybe when I'm not surrounded by spoiled Park Slope children, it could be tolerable. I also applied at a few other stores that actually had signs in the windows looking for help. Hopefully it won't be a waste of my time.
ps - if anyone wants any jewelry, (or a custom loom bracelet like that one) I could really use the money!


Jbeeky said...

Sounds fun, people watching is my number one fav thing to do anywhere but especially somewhere new. I know you will get a job soon, I am rooting for you! PS MUST EVERY PERSON ON THIS EVER LOVING PLANET MEET AMY RAY BEFORE ME? Just wondering.....

super des said...

Technically I haven't met her. But if they come to Asheville, I'm sure I could.

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