Monday, July 20, 2009

this week in the life of des

The other day, Jessica took us hiking. Well, hiking's a bit of an exaggeration - it was a fairly easy uphill trail that was less than a mile. But I had my camera along of course and took lots of pictures. Go check them out at my flickr. I'm too lazy to upload all 68 pics to blogger because the system sucks. Also I think they're all pretty darn good so I didn't want to just choose a few. There are lots of landscapes, and a few of me, Jason, Jessica, and the dog Femi. I'm sure I'll go hiking again soon. And take more pictures.

In other news, I had a second interview for the job I want at the grocery store. This time I was meeting the store manager. I think it went well, but the store manager was much more businessy and less personable than the other guy I was talking to. We were talking about me benig a vegetarian, and the store manager said "well I do have an opening in the meat department. Would you be willing to work there?" I told him it's definitely not my first choice, but I would glady take something over nothing. Plus there is always the possibility of advancement and / or switching departments, which is one of the points they kept repeating. I couldn't tell if it was a "test" or if there really is an opening there. This interview wasn't as long as last time's (but how could it be - that was an hour and a half!). I asked if the first guy still wanted me to call and check in on Tuesday, and he said "Definitely - unless I call you first!" so the second interview definitely ended on a high note.

I keep having dreams about getting a puppy. I don't even know if we're ready for a new puppy yet (we haven't technically moved into our own place yet), but there was an ad on craigslist for border collie / austrailian shepherd puppies being weaned at the end of this month. They were only $25. I would love to have that kind of dog, but Jay wants another lab. So we'll see.

Other than that, I still keep on keeping on.

edited to add: I just got a call saying I didn't get the job in the meat department. But he's going to pass my info on to another department, and apparently I did impress the store manager. I didn't want to work with meat anyway.


mar said...

good luck & hope you hear back from the interview!
and from experience, puppies are a TON of work. grover is still giving us all kinds of issues & he's on the fairly mellow side. but maybe the craigslist ad is a sign. that's how we found grover (not craigslist, but i was planning to wait until august from another place & he's perfect and so adorable)

super des said...

I want the puupy for sure, but I think it's too soon yet for Jay. (If it was solely up to me, one of this litter would be coming home!)

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