Monday, March 02, 2009

des as Gemini

On my google homepage, I get my daily horoscope. I don't base my life around what it says or anything, which is good because it is always telling me basically not to say anything. Here's today's, which is a very typical example:

You might not want to be too expressive with your thoughts today as the Moon squares your key planet Mercury. If you do share what's on your mind, your words could be perceived as more aggressive or even combative than you wish. It's better to wait until tomorrow when the Moon is in your sign before telling others what you think. Avoiding a communication impasse is easier if you just don't go there in the first place.

They get that Geminis are crazy and dual-natured, but they don't seem to get that we are also excitable and need to communicate. We have to talk. If we don't talk, then we are plotting. If we are plotting, then worse things will happen than if we open our big fat mouths. Why do you think poor Jay gets to hear about every single inanity of my day at work? We Geminis must keep our mouths flapping. We say what we mean. If you other star signs can't handle it, then tough titties.

Oh, there I go being combative.

ps - next week I'll have my Gemini tattoo, so watch for pictures of that. That's right, I'm proud to be a Gemini.


LittlePea said...

Mines always telling me not to be grouchy at work. Since I'm currently not employed does that mean I can conjure up a bitchfest at home as much as I want?

super des said...

Maybe home IS your job, so you have to be nice to Peanut & Mr. P. :)

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