Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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First off:

And I had to make the guy give me a sticker! If I don't get a sticker, what's the point in voting? Gah.

So here are some updates on my job situation.

Friday I had an interview, got the callback on Sunday, asked for more money, and got a call back again on Monday. He "was able" to talk the District Manager into giving me $7.75 an hour. But even though I made it clear I wanted 40 hours, the job wuld only be for 20. I might be able to get 30 during the holidays. So I got offered a job that would pay me $155 a week before taxes. Awesome. I can totally pay all my bills with that. So, I turned that job down. They would have made me cover my tattoos and have normal hair anyway, so boo on that.

Monday morning, I do that thing where I wake up all early and get ready in case I need to go to work at the car place, where I am still technically employed. However, I've smartened up, and only half-assedly got ready. When I call at 8am, my boss says he'll call me back in half an hour because he and my other boss "have a lot of things to discuss." It's clearly a futile attempt at code for "we're going to lay you off again, but we don't know how to tell you." So I figure that I'll stay up the extra half hour and then go back to bed. Well, that time comes and goes, and no phone call. By this time, I'm not tired any more. So I busy myself with tv and the internets.

Then I get a call from a local number I don't recognize. I don't think it's my boss, but I don't want to answer the phone in case it is him because I am angry at him for being a chicken poop and not telling me that I am now* "officially" jobless. But the number didn't leave a message, and since I am expecting callbacks from potential employers, I looked it up. Turns out it was a certain punk rocky / gothy store that is pretty much a staple in every mall in America. I had applied there months ago and they obviously still had my resume. I called back & found out that she didn't realize I was managment material until mid-call, and since she didn't have a position for me she hung up.

Ponder ponder. I can't find a full time retail job. The economy, especially here, is poop. I should take what I can get, and this store is the coolest ever. So I went down there (the mall is less than a mile away), found the person, explained it to her, and got an interview for that night. I went back, BFF'd the store manager, and am 99.999% sure that I have that job. I will have to find another part time job, but at least I'll be employed somewhere cool. Maybe it will even work out financially for me. (Except for the fact that I would get a 40% discount at said cool store... so I might not actually be bringing money home.)

Also I bought a lottery ticket. That would probably be the best for me, since Jay needs a job still too.

*Btw, I still haven't received any call from him. Not even when I skipped out on calling him this morning to "check in." Lame.


mar said...

hmmm, that reminds me that i bought a ticket on saturday & haven't checked it. sadly, i know we didn't win-win because noone won the powerball on saturday. next time...

arlenestarr said...

I suspect that from the look in your eyes in that picture you will prevail one way or another.

Go get 'em des!

super des said...

mar, we'll get that private island yet.

Thanks Arlene! :)

mar said...

even if it's an island on lake michigan.

super des said...

ok mar, we just shouldn't drink the water :)

MsLittlePea said...

Oh honey we are all buying lottery tickets since in this economy, that's pretty much the only gamble we can afford to take.

Good for you for voting. :O)

Jbeeky said...

Crossing fingers for phonecalls and winning numbers!

# #