Sunday, November 09, 2008

internal time clock of the soul

Lately my inner clock has been all out of whack. I blame being unemployed, but I also blame daylight savings time. I think I'm going into hibernation to sleep through this thing called "winter in Michigan."

I wake up between 11-12. I generally don't need to leave the house for anything, so the day is idled away with tv and videogames. Then around 9pm, I start to get tired. But I keep doing my inactive thang. Then I go to bed around 2am and read for a while.

I mean, I can get up and do things if I need to, but lately I haven't needed to. Any job interviews I've had have been later in the day. I still set my alarm for 11:30 just in case, but I can't believe I'm doing it. (And yes, I actually end up needing it.)

So anyway, that's the excitement that is the life of des.


Working Girl said...

I've been in that same kind of situation in the past...and it was really hard. Good luck with the job hunt and everything else going on in your life. A lot of people are in tough times right now.

MsLittlePea said...

I hate the whole spring ahead fall back crap. Why can't it just always be daylight savings time? I'm sure you'll find a job soon, keep your chin to the wind. That makes no sense at all but it sounds funny. If you plan on sleeping through the winter we won't hear from you until what, like, June? And what would we do without our Des?

super des said...

I would like to sleep til June, but since my bday is halfway through that month You people need more warning. I guess you're stuck with me.

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