Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more fun with Frank

Remember my new BFF Frank? I thought I was going to have a recurring theme here, but (thankfully) Frank kinda stopped coming around. In Dreamworld, it's because he read my blog & realized what an ass he was being. However, in Reality World, the man barely knows what a website is, so I'm sure he doesn't know what a blog is, let alone my blog. So anyway, he showed up today.

I was sitting in my chair facing my computer - you know, working - and he was walking out to his car for something. He had to walk by me, and he said "do you walk like that?" Now remember, I'm sitting with my back to him. I don't bother turning around to ask him wtf he's talking about. "From behind, it looks like you're bow-legged." Really, can you tell that about a girl while she's sitting and moving her feet? I shot him a pretty dirty look to convey this, and he had the gall to say "you know, if you don't like it you can tell me to stop." So I said ok. Not it's ok. Because it wasn't ok. Especially when he punctuated his point with a nice shove to the shoulder.

Yet he lives to torment me another day.


mar said...

certainly he exists only for our amusement at your expense.

super des said...

I guess I had been complaining of nothing to write about....

# #