Thursday, July 17, 2008

good night and good luck

As I write this, many of my bloggy buddies are heading off to glorious San Francisco for BlogHer 08. Since you are reading this, you can guess that I am not among them, mostly because that whole "moving halfway across the country and not having a job for 4 months" thing left me with no money for registration, airfare, hotel, and fun. This makes me sad for many many reasons, like:

-I had an awesome time last year. I met lots of new bloggy friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

-Several of my friends are speaking (or having a book signing). I want to be there. This would be a chance to meet some people in person for the 1st time, catch up with those I only see at blog stuff, and reconnect with those that I've moved away from & don't get to hang out with on a regular basis anymore.

-San Francisco is my fave city in the world. Besides the fact that I would also get to visit with some of my non-bloggy CA friends, my loving boyfriend has never been there. I want to be in SF conference or no conference.

-I have my own laptop this year. Last year I didn't have one, so I was mooching off my friends.

-85% of the blogs I read are going to revolve around BlogHer for the next coupla weeks. In a bitter "you had to be there" move, I will probably not read a great many of them.

If those aren't some pretty damn good reasons for wishing I was there, I don't know what are. So those of you that are probably reading this en route or there already, think of me. If you talk about me enough, it's like I'm there.

Those of you not going to San Francisco, come up to Detroit. We'll have our own blogging party and then all those "BlogHer folks" will be totally jealous of us. You can totally stay with me. (Jay won't mind, right?)

I'm not bitter.


arlenestarr said...

Well des I thought about writing something similar to what you did but I couldn't get the words together.

It would have been great to be there and meet everyone. Maybe next year. (sigh)

super des said...

If you go next year, I'm totally going. I owe you some candy.

# #