Tuesday, June 10, 2008

conversations with Frank

So, job is still going well. Sometimes I'm bored, but sometimes I'm not. However, I may have stumbled upon this year's receptionist wars. Except I'm the receptionist. And there is no screaming or extreme urge to stab. Yet. But there's this guy. I'll call him Frank. Well Frank is neither a customer nor a coworker, and my boss said I can say anything I want to him. (It should say something about Frank's personality that my boss has both warned me and given me this freedom.) Here are a few sample convos:

Frank, on noticing that my polka dotted tights matched my polka dotted shoes (because I'm awesome like that): Nice slacks.
Me, and everyone else: Slacks???
Me: Actually, they're tights.
Frank: Well they match your shoes. It's pretty good, for a girl.

I'm not sure if he meant that it looked good, but it wasn't for him because males don't generally match their shoes to their "slacks", or that he was impressed that a girl had the skillz to dress herself.


Frank, pointing in my general direction: Does anyone own that?
me: Does anyone own what?
Frank: The ring.
me: Well *I* own it.
Frank: But are you married? Or is it dimestore?
me: No, but my boyfriend did give it to me. It was an xmas gift.

Again, not sure. Does someone own me? Even if I was married, my husband wouldn't own me. And since the ring was a gift, *I* still own it, regardless of what it represents. And dimestore? A wedding ring must be expensive? Yeah hi, have we met? I'm not in to that whole expensive jewelry thing. (and FYI, the ring came from ebay. I didn't tell Frank that though.)

A new day:

Frank, walking into the office and seeing me at my computer: Gee, don't you hate it when it's busy? (And this was said in the same tone as hot enough for ya? which I'm sure he also says.)
me: Actually, I am busy.

Apparently if there are no customers in the office, then the office chick has nothing to do. Nevermind that our business is not like a retail store. My research - you know, my job - has nothing to do with personal interaction. Thank jebus Frank is there to provide some!

I'm sure you'll get to hear more about my fun with Frank.


mar said...

how annoying!

Count Mockula said...

Sounds like Frank is going to be fun...

flutter said...

can i set him on fire with my mind?

super des said...

yes please. And do it while I'm there watching, so I get some enjoymewnt from it.

MsLittlePea said...

Oh he's one of those.

Is your ring a dimestore one...that is so rude. I'm surprised how nice you were about it.

super des said...

I was actually just shocked & confused. It temporarily threw a wrench in my bitchiness system.

Suzanne said...

Who is this douche and why is he hanging out there when he is neither co-worker or customer. And tell him he can suck my big fat dick.

Anonymous said...

It's Flag Day!!! Happy Birthday Des! Have a Great Day!!!!

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