Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why I moved to MI

Many of you know that I’ve moved around the country a lot. I started out in CA, then NYC for a coupla years, now I’m in MI. You may ask why someone would choose to move to Michigan, especially in the middle of a harsh January like I did. Now I’ll tell you.

It was for a boy. And what a boy! He’s the sweetest boyfriend a girl could want. Don’t believe me?

He wakes up every morning at the same time as me, even though I’m going to work and he is not. He prepares my coffee while I finish getting ready, so when I am ready to spend a few minutes checking my email before I leave, I have that much more time. I come home most days for lunch because even though it takes expensive gas, I walk in the door to a freshly prepared meal of my choosing. In fact, he prepares just about every meal for me - breakfast on weekends, and dinner every night. Then he serves me first so I can start eating even though he is still cooking his own food.

Yesterday he said this to me: “I wish I was independently wealthy so I could take care of you like this every day without worry.” Then he made me a tasty meal of BBQ chicken (faux of course) & corn and we fell asleep on the couch from fullness.

He always gives me flowers for no reason. Right now in a vase in the living room there is quite a large bunch of red & white roses, and contrary to my old boss’ belief, he didn’t “knock another girl up.”

Every time he answers the phone or greets me, it's with some derivation of "hello beautiful." He genuinely doesn't understand if someone doesn't think I'm the most beautiful woman alive, because he does. And he makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. The look in his eyes while he listens to me tell pointless stories gives it away. And he actually does listen to them, because he can recall details at a later date (or tell me if I start to repeat myself, which happens quite frequently).

He opens doors for me, even if it's raining and he needs to unlock the passenger side of the car and then run around to the driver's side. Quite frequently, another couple will see us together and have one of the following actions:
1. The girl slaps the guy and says "why don't you ever do that for me?"
2. The guy looks at Jayson with a disappointed look as if to say "Hey bud, why you gotta make the rest of us look bad?"
3. The girl gives me a look to say "awwwww you're so lucky!"
4. The girl gives me a look to make me think she's going to kill me in my sleep and steal my boyfriend.

Good luck with that, sister.

Ok, that's all for now. There is plenty more I could brag about, but I'm sure you are reacting like the aforementioned girl. OR you are bored by this. Well at least I'm writing about stuff, right?

Oh yeah, now that you've read this, don't forget to go vote for how cute we are.

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flutter said...

very sweet

Suzanne said...

I am happy that you are happy. It's great to be able find another person who is compatible.

super des said...

thanks flutter!

And suze, I knew you'd appreciate it, as I've MET your Husband.

MsLittlePea said...

Your post ARE happier since you moved from NY Des. I guess you'll be keeping Jay around a little while longer then?

super des said...

awww Pea, that was sweet :)
and yeah, I think I'll keep him.

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