Sunday, June 15, 2008

birthdays, bats, and bites

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Friday the 13th: My bday celebrations begun by going to see Craig Ferguson perform live. Surprisingly, we and the people next to us were the youngest people in the whole crowd. I didn't realize the host of a show that starts at 12:30am had so many gray-haired fans. But it was mucho fun - it felt just like we were at home watching on tv except that he was cussing and wearing more casual clothing than a suit. Also, he did a lot of mocking at some loudmouth lady in the front row. See, here's a picture of him doing that:

It's not the best picture, because my camera doesn't like to zoom in on things in the dark. Also because Jay was interrupted by theater staff threatening to take my camera away (and telling us to keep our feet and drinks off the banister). So blame them.

But it was a good show, and if you get the chance I highly recommend seeing Mr. Craig Ferg in person. Tip: Buy the tickets from the venue so you don't have to pay a huge service charge like we did.

Next morning was Saturday, Flag Day, June 14, the best day ever. I woke up and finally got to get at that pile of presents that's been accumulating and taunting me, thanks to my loving and wonderful boyfriend. Lookie lookie:

Yeah that's right - I can now turn on the magic of colored lights. And even though my job is completely un-Office Space-like, I now have a red stapler that may someday lead to the burning down of a building. And if you look closely, you might think that this collection is for someone less than half my age. However, they are all for me, because even though I am now in my late twenties (yeah, shutup people older than me, I know), Jay knows that I still love things that are fun. I also got this:

Jay tried to find one that said "The Internets are gonna hear about this!" but that would require having it custom made. So now fairly warned be thee, says I.

*And* I also got this from my dear friend Emma:

Both these shirts are consistent with my (newly instituted) mantra to only wear t-shirts that state the truth.

I should mention here that my bday is also Mecrutio's bday. So as I tore open my gifts, I tossed the wrapping paper down to the cat. He played with it for a bit, and then went for a day-long nap. That's a pretty good bday, I'd say. (And yes, he did get a new toy mouse the other day. Its purple.)

So after present fun-ness, it was time for breakfast at our normal haunt, the Big Boy. Because I've been wearing my birthday pins every year since I was 16, the waitress could easily see what kind of special day it was. And since she knew that I didn't want the brownie-ice cream-concoction that people normally get for free on their bdays (it totally didn't go with the strawberry topped pancakes), she took my chocolate shake off the bill. So even though I would have ordered it anyway (who doesn't like a chocolate ice cream shake with breakfast?) we Jay didn't have to pay for it. Yay for free stuff on bdays!

Then, time to go have fun and be edumacated. Off to the Cranbrook Science Center where I got to see bats. Bats! I love bats! Look how cute!

This poor little guy had a broken bat thumb, and a little cast. I learned that bats pee while hanging by their thumbs because for some reason, peeing while hanging upside down doesn't work out. But this little guy couldn't do that - so please don't make fun of the potty on his chest.

I saw lots of bats and owls and flying squirrels and sugar gliders and then other things that weren't alive. It was fun and educational, my favorite type of thing.

When we came home, the dog needed a walk. So we went on a little family jaunt, and since it was such a nice day, I found a stick to throw for Midnight. He got, shall we say, a little overzealous with his stick biting. When he bit the stick, it was the part that my hand was still holding. So I got a nice big dog chomp. And I cried. And my hand was purple and puffy, with proto-puncture wounds. (Luckily for me, a 15-year old dog's teeth are kind of worn down.) But it wouldn't be Flag Day if I didn't get hurt (remember last year when I cracked a rib?), so I accepted my hurt and lots of drugs*.

Then, even though I was injured, we ventured out to the open air mall. I've been needing to replace The Bestest Skirt Ever, so that was the mission. I needed another long flowy skirt that I could wear every day, and repair the seams on multiple times until holes got worn into it that were beyond repair. And I found one! I also found some cute shoes that were $3, and a new wallet to replace my old blue one which had seen better days. In summary, I spent almost a whole paycheck on clothes, books, and other things that I've needed but couldn't buy until I had a job (and had coupons from the stores as bday presents).

All in all, a very good bday. We'll just pretend that my right hand doesn't have a constant ache from being chomped on. And muchas gracias to everyone who sent along bday wishes and warm fuzzies.

* I couldn't be mad at the dog, because it was clearly an accident. And, according to Jay (who would know, because he's known Midnight since the day he - the dog - was born), nobody has ever been hurt by Midnight. So yay for me being the first?


arlenestarr said...

Happy Bday Des!

The fun stuff looks pretty cool and I'm, well, a little older than you & it all rocks as far as I am concerned.


super des said...

You rock, Arlene! You can totally play with my lite brite any time.

mar said...

sounds like a good day all-around. :)

MsLittlePea said...

Happy Birthday Des! I loveth Light Brite!

a very public sociologist said...

Happy birthday - I am soooooo jealous over the Litebrite! We got rid of ours years ago, humph. That fun for all the family ... gone :(

super des said...

I never had a lite brite growing up. I told Jay that, and BAM. Plus he got me extra pegs and papers. AND I have no kids to share it with.

SUEB0B said...

Sounds like a fab birthday. You know how I am about Craig.

A red stapler? How could you BE any luckier than that? Coolest gift ever...but of course I would say that.

And the story about the little bat? So tragic! Imagine being a little bat and having to pee on yourself. That is super sad to me.

super des said...

I had a very Suebobian bday. I even showed Jay the picture I took with your red stapler.

Sudiegirl said...

Happy belated birthday, mah friend!

Suzanne said...

Yay birthday fun!

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