Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday des-pair

I still don't have a job. The temp agency hasn't called me since I turned down the last job. I spent some time regretting that decision, but I also spent some time going over the logistics of spending 45+ minutes each way in a car that isn't mine with gas that costs like $4 a gallon. I had high hopes for another job at an un-named popular gothy mall store, but when I went back in to apply and talk to the person again, she made it sound like there wasn't a position they were hiring for specifically. (Before, she'd indicated that they would be hiring a new store manager in June, which is why I even applied.)

So besides still not paying my bills, recent events have occurred that have and will continue to put a massive drain on our finances. Not to mention I still have to pay for a trip to CA in October for my sister's wedding. I don't like to think about the trips I'm giving up, like back to NYC for Suzanne's book release party and to San Francisco for this year's BlogHer conference. I'm crankin out jewelry like crazy, but nobody's buying. In fact, the other day I had to report someone to Etsy for "buying" something but never paying - or responding to my emails, for that matter.

I spend my days at home not spending money. We recently got a membership at Stupid Video Rental, which wouldn't let me sign up because I don't have a MI driver's license. AND our Jay's membership is only good at that location, even though it's a nationwide chain. We haven't gone to the zoo lately because we sleep til noon and the zoo is only open til like 4 or 5. So even though it's free because Jay is a member, it's not worth the hour round trip to just spend a coupla hours there.

So yeah, that's my life still. I keep waiting for things to change, but they really aren't doing so. But sometimes when I whine in a public forum like this, wheels get set in motion. Let's do that.


flutter said...

oh you ((hugs))

mar said...

(hugs) back to you.
guess i should be happy i have the job i've got.
so it works to complain on the internets?
also, what's your physical addy? i have something i want to send to you. maybe facebook it since i don't check my other e-mail too frequently. :)

Suzanne said...

Keep looking, and something will come through. Some day, you will look back on this period and laugh. (Perhaps bitterly - that's how it seems to work for me, anyway - but still laugh.)

super des said...

I know I'll get through it, but I don't know if I'll laugh.

# #