Monday, May 05, 2008

des as the queen of hearts

I know that some anonymous jerks hate when I "stereotype" Midwesterners or Michiganders, but I'm going to keep doing it. Last night I learned to play Euchre (pronounced Yoo-ker), which is a game I never even heard of before I moved to MI. Actually, I did hear of it while visiting friends in North Carolina, but the friends were originally from MI and we were all too drunk to do anything more than talk about it.

But since New Neighbor Friends moved in (and yes, they are from MI too!) I've seen the game played a lot. I tried to learn by observation, but there are some random rules that you can't pick up unless someone tells you about them. Last night, my Jayson taught me these subtleties. I understood everything and at last sat down to play. And I rocked it. In fact, I had so much fun using my newfound skillz that I was up til 4:30 am. Playing cards. And I regret nothing.

I'm well aware that not every person in Michigan plays Euchre, but I and my friends do. And dammit, it's fun.

ps - one of the guys playing cards with us works at a bowling alley supply company, and 15 of the top 50 pro bowlers in the country do business there. This only backs up my original statement that people in Michigan like to bowl. Damn me with the stereotypes!

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mdog said...

i HEART both euchre and bowling.

your resident ohioan,

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