Saturday, May 24, 2008

good scrabble day

So lately, I've become addicted to Scrabbulous on facebook. And I've gotten Jay addicted too. So sometimes while we're sitting here together on the couch, both playing this game on our laptops (but not with each other), one of us needs some help. Today, Jay needed some. I pointed out how he could get QUICK for 69 points. That's a triple word score and a double letter score.

Then in my own game, I made ZINCY. Throw in a triple letter and a double word, and it was worth 78 points. That rocked.

I like playing the computer version of scrabble because -if you haven't noticed by reading my ramblings- I like to make up words. My problem is that I tend to forget which words are the ones I've made up and which were made up before me. That makes playing scrabble with me very difficult. But the computer allowed ZINCY, even though I could find no "official" definition for it online. The desfinition, btw, is "all covered in zinc." I would have been happy with just ZINC, but that Y was the double word score and I just had to try it. (Sorry mar, but most of the blame for my addiction rests with you anyway.)

ps - " he could get QUICK for 69 points" is one of the funniest double entendres I've ever accidentally written.


Deedra Climer Bass said...

LOL at the double entendere - but have you noticed Exit 69 off of I-75 yet? It's Big Beaver Road. The first time my husband said "Get off on Big Beaver" I almost choked on my Diet Pepsi. "Take 69 to Big Beaver" is almost as funny - I feel so "Beavis and Butthead" laughing at it.


super des said...

I live not too far from there, so I laugh at it all the time. I even had to send my friend a picture as proof!

mar said...

accidentally my ass!
both to 'quick' & 'zincy'
and you're the one who started 11 games with me.

super des said...

ha ha ha ha!

Well it's not like we *played* all 11 games... at once....

# #