Friday, May 23, 2008

take a Michigander at this

So I went back down to the Secretary of State today, to finish getting my MI driver's license. I had the super "cut ahead of everyone" pass from last time, so I did that. I handed the lady all my materials, which incidentally, were all the same things from before. She started type type typing away in her computer, which is something that the cranky old lady never did.

The only (minor) snag was the vision test. I couldn't see the test at all. But that's because I was supposed to look in a viewfinder and not on the wall, as I was trying to do. But once it was explained to me I figured it out, there was no problem. I'm very thankful that intelligence is not a requirement for getting a driver's license. (To clarify: I'm not thankful for that when I'm driving with a bunch of idiots who try to kill me.)

I took my picture, and got a preview of it. The only thing I was concerned about was that my eyes were open, and they were. The picture was very cute, if I do say so myself. This coming from a girl who currently holds the record for world's cutest ID photo. Maybe if I'm up to it (read: not lazy) I'll post a picture when I get my ID in the mail in a coupla weeks.

Oh yeah, and I registered to vote, so I can do that whole "choose a president" thing. But I'd better not get jury duty!

So yeah, I'm a Michigander now, for real and true.


MsLittlePea said...

Oh so jealous of your cute pic. I just got my passport photo taken and the lady was too busy to let me do another so it looks horrible. I should just go ahead and pay the 7 dollars for a new one. I mean it's a National Security issue. That picture is so ugly and I'm so very beautiful(heehee) in person, no one's going to believe it's really my passport. What if they haul me away to one of those secret interrogation rooms?

you know I'm kidding right?

super des said...

My passport photo is *honestly* the worst picture ever taken of me. I hate looking at it. I'm surprised I've been let into other countries with it. I can't wait til December of 2010 so I can renew it and get a better picture.

Average Jane said...

I've never had a good ID photo in my life. My hair is horrible and weird in my current driver's license, and for some reason I look downright matronly in my passport photo. Lucky.

super des said...

It's one of my super powers. Unfortunately, it's useless except for making people say "hey, that's a good photo." I can't save anyone's life or anything.

moonmystic said...

Welcome to Michigan! I'm sure everyone was giving you the "evil eye" when you cut to the front of the line. (Maybe I was one of them ;)

super des said...

I was there so fast, I don't think anyone minded. Seriously I was in & out in 5 minutes.

Karl said...

My license photos always look like mug shots.

# #