Friday, February 22, 2008

that special day

Next Friday is Leap Day, that special day that comes only once every 4 years. According to my favorite place to get information, folklore says that since the year is a bit off due to that extra quarter of a turn the Earth makes around the sun every so often, girls are allowed to propose marriage to their men. It's crazy backwards time! We also wear our shoes on our heads. Sometimes both at the same time.

Since I am not planning any proposals in the next week (or am I? Jay does read this blog you know....) I choose to celebrate Leap Day in my own way. That rhymes, so you know it must be true. It's kinda like an extra day. To me, it is the same as when you have extra money. Sure, you could use it for practical things like going to work and paying bills, but I think it is your divine right to use it for something completely unpractical, and that often means something fun. Yay fun!

Now it's not like the day is completely free. Since it comes on a pretty regular basis (read: every 4 years) it doesn't count for nothing. It does count for only 1/4 of what it normally would though. I'm not sure what that means, but stick with me here. So you can make 4 mistakes and the universe sees it as only making one. Like if you're in to that sort of thing, you could drink 4x as many times as you normally would, then throw up 4 times. It's cool, it's like you only threw up once. Sadly, it works both ways, so if you help 4 old ladies across the street, you only get karma points for one.

I would like to point out that only a coupla days ago there was a lunar eclipse, which only happens on an average of every 3 years or so. It woulda been cool if the eclipse was on Leap Day, but that might have been too tempting for things to go up in fiery explosions due to the alignment of planets or something. Sorry, I've clearly taken some loopy pills today and they have influenced my writing and thoughts just a tad.

Speaking of the eclipse, of course I took pictures. However, Michigan remains as cold as a witch's kerpluffin, so my fingers fell off. Even with the image-stabilization in my fancy new camera, the 45-second long exposure was too much for my shaky cold fingerless hands, so the pictures are blurry like a monkey funker. But here they are anyway, because I still think they're cool because the moon is orange.

ps - I've just made my 100th post over at jewelry by des. I've made more than 100 jewelry pieces in my life, but not all of them were chronicled. So go look at them, and help me thin out my inventory a little... wink wink.


Arlene said...

OK, now that I have left your page open on my computer through 5 incoming phone calls sitemeter is going to show I was here for an hour.

Those pictures are amazing for being hand held while freezing for a 45 second exposer.

super des said...

Oh Arlene, you silly gal, it was only 22 minutes 18 seconds.

And I probably could have set the camera down somewhere, but by then my brain was frozen too, so it didn't occur to me.

Average Jane said...

You're all too late on the new necklace - it's MINE now! :)

super des said...

And damn is Average Jane fast.

SUEB0B said...

My boss is on vacation on Feb 29th so maybe we will do sometime truly fun that day...

super des said...

make sure you have 4 parties.

Suzanne said...

It seems like the New School MFA program informs a new group of students that they've been accepted every Friday. On Friday, Feb. 15, people who applied for fiction were called with good news. Then Friday, Feb. 22 was the poetry program's turn. So maybe Friday, Feb. 29 will be when the nonfiction folks (please let them include me!) get called? That would be cool.

And I also love your eclipse pics. Rockin.

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