Friday, February 22, 2008

hypocrite haiku

"six month contact ban"
yet my sitemeter tells me
I'm being checked on


mar said...

then again, my friend heather tells me that her rule/the rule is no contact for twice the length of the relationship. if that's the case... well, just think about it.

super des said...

If I'm going to institute a "no contact for 20 years" rule, I might as well erase him from my memory. And then he needs to stop reading my blog, because yes, I plan on keeping it up for that long.

Jbeeky said...

Ugh. Hopefully now that you have reminded him of SITEMASTER, he will leave it be. Hopefully.

super des said...

We'll see. If he was smart, he would just start checking it from somewhere other than home.

flutter said...

I thought he told you he wanted to see what else was out there....So why isn't he going out and seeing it?

super des said...

Clearly my life is more interesting than his could ever be.

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