Sunday, November 25, 2007


How is it that some people can walk into a store and just leave a path of destruction behind them? I mean, I expect it from most kids (which is why I no longer work at the bookstore) but adults?

There were these people in the store today. They were only there about 10 minutes, but I seriously thought a tornado had hit. I literally followed on their heels putting things back in order that they has somehow managed to skew. It's not like we have piles of crap either - everything is already very neatly arranged with the bare minimum of product on display. Yet these two women somehow managed to make the store look like it had been picked up and shaken.

One lady decided to take it upon herself to open the glass case in which we keep expensive wallets. Knowing the trauma that I would have to endure if the hurricane was allowed to be in the case, I ran over and was like is there something *I* can get for you? And she was like, no I'm just browsing, do you want me to stay out of here? No we have it closed off to the public, but you are special so please go in and get your grubby fingerprints all over things as you make them look like they survived some sort of explosion.

They were then making fun of things because they were pricey and finally ended their spree of terror by buying some crappy cheap thing which did not cover *my* costs in playing disaster recovery for them.


A guy came in and laughed at the store, then put his heavy shopping bags on top of a display - which, btw had nothing else on top of it. "Let me put those behind the register for you" I said. "Why, you don't want another store's bags in your window? Ha ha ha" (guffaw) "No, I don't want you to break the light box because I don't think you could pay to replace it."

That shut him up real good.


SUEB0B said...

My exBF used to have the store wrecking talent. He had to pick up EVERYTHING, move it, unfold it, crumple it and leave it.

Drove me INSANE.

super des said...

I couldn't handle it. But I'm glad you know what I'm talking about.

mar said...

you didn't really say that?
i'm kindof a klutzy whirlwind myself, but i try not to touch anything i'm not seriously interested in.

super des said...

I totally said it.

and these people weren't klutzy, they were just inconsiderate.

Count Mockula said...

I'm the opposite. I'm a compulsive straightener.

super des said...

I am too, especially now after working in the stores.
I do it in *other* people's work...

Suzanne said...

Some people are just total fucking assholes. I can't believe that bitch went into a display case! I really wonder what kind of childhood people like that had.

As for your comment to the guy? Brilliant. I wish I had the quick wit and balls that you do.

super des said...

Only when driven to a point do I have that...

# #