Saturday, October 20, 2007

sometimes it's fun to be up all night

It was one of those hellish days at work that make you hate all children, parents, and coworkers. The kind of day on which you march into the manager's office and quit right then and there because the job sucks (though they are paying you more than they promised initially) but you don't do that because you remember that you already have another job but it just hasn't started yet. But then you have some good ohone conversations with your friend and your most hated coworker leaves and your fave coworker arrives, and though the day is still stupid, it's not as bad.

But then, the real point of your day comes and you get to leave and see the NY premier of one of the best movies ever which makes you laugh every time because there's a character named Desiree and one of the lines is "what other color would a person named Desiree like besides turquoise?" and you've now seen the movie 3 times which makes you a big shot because nobody else has seen it that much except for the filmmakers and their families, but another reason you are special is that you get to hang with the filmmakers while the film distributors buy lots of drinks for everyone (though you do not return to the point of reading the constitution out loud) and things are said that you are warned not to blog about, like you're some sort of perez hilt*n or something which makes you laugh because a) not that many people read your blog, and b) nobody cares about the stuff they were saying so you weren't gonna blog it anyway, but this continues for some time until you finally come home and go to sleep at 4am and then wake up a few hours later to write the longest sentences that you can muster.

Point is, go see Wristcutters: a Love Story. It's open in NYC now, next week in LA, and Nov.2 in the rest of the country.


mar said...

haha! sounds like an excellent way to start the weekend.

super des said...

You know, it was very good.

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