Saturday, October 20, 2007

headaches = bad

I had the fruitlings of a migraine. It was still a headache when I tried remedying it with fruit, caffeine, chocolate, and finally, drugs. I thought it would stay at headache level. But then I had to go grocery shopping.

Bright lights? check.
Noisy everything? check.
Did I ever tell you that I hate cilantro? Well all I could smell in the produce department was cilantro.

So that was pretty neat when I couldn't see.

Then we decided to buy some plants for the house. Flower shops smell good. I am definitely pro-flower, and it turns out that flowers have the right odor combination of pleasant and not overwhelming to stave off a migraine or at least bring it back to manageable headache level. So I came home, new orange flowers in hand, and took a Simpsons-induced nap in a dark room.

Ah, life.


flutter said...

migraines are the worst, I have had the same one for a week. Imitrex is the only thing making it bearable.

I am sorry you are suffering too

super des said...

I'm lucky I've never had to get a prescription for them. But they sure do suck.

SUEB0B said...

Sorry about the migraine.

I bought an orange kalanchoe at Trader Joe's for my boss this week. Boss's day and it is her favorite color. It was gorgeous.

super des said...

Wow, now your boss and I have the same flower.
Good job!

MsLittlePea said...

I love those plants. TI have a yellow one on my patio.

I hate headaches. There's an essential oil called Sunbreeze. If you ever see it, by a little bottle and rub it on your temples when you get a bad migrane. The scent is also soothing. My MIL bought one for me and I can't imagine what I did before.

super des said...

ah, so many tips! Thanks Pea!

theysaywordscanbleed said...

i know, there is just something about flowers that makes a crappy day, or i some cases head ache filled day, albeit a lighter and better one.

# #