Tuesday, October 23, 2007

reviews of stuff and junk

So I was watching Funny Face today. It's about a smart, pretty girl who works in an NYC bookstore*. (Like me!) A bunch of annoying people come in and throw the books all over the floor and get them all out of order, so she has to clean up after them. (Like me!) But then one of the people is a photographer and convinces the other people that she should be a model and they should all go to Paris. (Like me! No, no wait, that's where the similarities stop.) But it's a delightful movie that involves a lot of singing and dancing, and one hilarious "interpretive dance" in a Paris cafe. You should watch it.

Another thing involves a book I read at work. It was a children's book, because that what I'm surrounded by, and also they take about 3.8 seconds to read. It was called But Not The Hippopotamus, and it turns out, it was the saddest thing ever.
It's a baby book, so it rhymes (and therefore must be true). Things like this: The moose and the goose enjoy some juice. But Not the Hippopotamus. Cats and rats try on new hats. But Not the Hippopotamus. And so on, until the end where the other animals invite him to "join the lot of us!" Yes the Hippopotamus!......... but not the armadillo.

I don't know why, but that makes me cry a little. Yet I'm strangely drawn to it.

In other bookstore "news," some really famous person is going to be there on Thursday signing copies of the book she wrote. It's a children's book. And it's not very good. But that's not the point. With her will be many many members of the press and at least 150 customers. All crammed into the tiny children's section where I'm somehow supposed to do my job. I was dreading it because since I asked for Wednesday off (more details on that later) I knew I'd be working on Thursday during all the hoopla. BUT, I am opening on Thursday (because I'm a manager? No, I'm not...) So I'm out of there a full hour and a half before the "event" begins. Sweet. I will actually be at my new job by then where there will be no hoopla. (I'm assuming.)

*But her bookstore is in Greenwich Village, whereas mine is in Park Slope. But then I said, "Park Slope is the *new* Greenwich Village" but nobody was around to hear that.


jessabean said...

That last line of the hippopotamus made me a little sad too. It's like saying that someone is always going to be left out. :(

I also think it's a good call to stay far, far from the hoopla on Thursday!

MsLittlePea said...

Well I won't be buying that Hippopotamus book for my hypothetical children then I guess...

SO jealous of your discount by the way.

super des said...

The discount rules. I might still use it to spend the $4 on the hippo book, so it can torment me forever.

# #