Thursday, October 25, 2007

all work and no play makes des... something something

Hey know what? Sleep is good. And full amounts of blood are good. And eating is also good.
I have been less than generous with myself concerning these 3 things in the past coupla days.

I got my tattoo yesterday. Well, I got half a tattoo. Right now it's just black outlines of pretty flowers and leaves, and in a month it will be colored in real nice. It still looks totally awesome though. And it didn't hurt as badly as I thought it would.

Here's the kicker: I got all dizzy and hot before the needle even touched my skin. And it's not like she was about to start when I almost fainted. No, she was touching up the outline with a pen. I think my body just psyched itself out, because after she actually started I was pretty fine. (Not to mention that the hero of the day, Suzanne, brought blood sugar reinforcements that took the form of a strawberry popsicle and lifesavers. And also not to mention that I proceeded to choke on the very first life saver I put in my mouth. Good thing they have those holes in them.)

So after a few hours of fanning myself while having blood slowly scratched out of my shoulder, Suz and I left to go back to my place. I was in dire need of food. So what else? Diner. Except that I got lost on the way. You know, because it's less than 3 blocks away in a straight shot. Yeah, my brain was broken and I felt like I was floating. Remember this: food = good.

After diner dinner, we went back to my place for Writing Group. Because we are such a fantastic gang of girls, they didn't leave my house til almost 11. And then there were things I needed to do, but I went to sleep shorty after that. Then I woke up at 5:45. That's right, 5:45. In the morning. Because my alarm went off. Because I had to go to work.

I got to work and had to set up some logon information for myself which I hadn't needed yet. Most people use the last 4 digits of their social security number. I couldn't remember mine, so I entered a number that I thought was it. Now that I have my cognitive faculties back, I realize that in reality world, I made up a number that was kinda close but not exactly right, so I will never remember it. Also I forgot my phone number at one point.

Then the day was crazy busy because of Julli*nne Moore's visit. They had to put out like all these chairs, taking away our precious floor space, and even putting some of our bookshelves in the break room where we couldn't get to them. Then they had to build like a micro-stage so that the press (you know, Entert*inment Weekly, CBS, etc) could take pictures. So after running around the store more than normal, since I couldn't actually run a straight line that didn't involve knocking over chairs, I was plenty relieved when someone was like "aren't you leaving soon?" And I was like no, at 2. They they said "but it's 2 now" and I was off like a prom dress. But 2 people did independently notice my new tattoo so that was cool.

Then I came home, barely ate, and ran off to my second job. I have 2 jobs now. Lucky for me I was only there a coupla hours, learning about the fancy we crap we sell. Then I came home, ate my mac & cheese, and all was well and right in the world.

ps - you can't tell, but I'm still not quite 100% brain usage. I made sooooooo many typos that a lesser man would be embarrassed. And I don't think this post made any sense and I don't care.


DangerDoll said...


I'm planning my next ink, also. Addicting, it is.

super des said...

I promise photos will come. You've got a whole month to see it... before it gets colored in. Then of course, it will be in every picture ever taken of me ever again.

mar said...

i'm usually a grammar nazi, but i can forgive you this once. obviously low blood sugar.
i so want another tat. 5 years next month since the last one.

super des said...

last year, it had been 6 years in between tattoos. (I got 2 more, and now I have this one... you know, to make up for it)

jessabean said...

Aggghhh I so want another tattoo. Also, what are you doing the weekend of Veteran's Day? I think I'm coming to Brooklyn that weekend...BLOGGERS UNITE!!

And, um, DangerDoll? Why'd you have to go off and leave me out of your bloggy club?

super des said...

I don't even know when Veteran's day is, you silly girl. But I'm clearly hanging out with you.

Suzanne said...

How is the new job?

# #