Thursday, September 27, 2007

why I killed the cable guy, part 2

I still don't have internet. At this rate, I will never have internet. If there were some alternative, I would definitely not go through Time Warner because they are more incompetent and idiotic than a bunch of drugged monkeys.

Here are the results of my first appointment. Nobody ever showed up. At all. Despite numerous phone calls.

My second appointment, the rude technician said I couldn't have cable in my building and left without doing his job.

My third appointment, assuming they showed up, I was out of town for the funeral. So that I don't hold them accountable for.

Today was my fourth appointment. I got a call saying the technician was outside and could I please let him in. Craig went downstairs and there was nobody there. He waited a few minutes while I looked out the window. I got ahold of the operator again and told them there was nobody there. They had the gall to argue with me that, no the tech is standing outside. "They must have the wrong address, because I'm standing outside of my apartment, which I just came downstairs from, and there is no sign of anyone or anything cable related." She put me back on hold while she told the tech, and then came back and argued with me some more. Turns out they had made up their own zip code and gone to the nearest approximation.

Then the tech called and said that nobody would be able to make it out today because it's too far away and "nobody works in this area." Really? It doesn't take 2 hours to get here from anywhere else in Brooklyn. I had a cable guy inside my apartment 2 weeks ago. My neighbors all have cable. So how could it be that nobody works in this area installing cable? I argued with him that it's not my fault that they went to the wrong address, especially since this is the 3rd time I've called and I had someone in my apartment 2 weeks ago! I managed to not cuss him out, but I did hang up on him when he said that he "can't guarantee" that I'll get a hookup today. I told him that his corporate office would be hearing from me and that I would find another cable company unless they kept their appointment. An empty threat because sadly, there is no other cable company.

And don't even get me started on their shoddy workmanship and hiring practices.

This is why I will have my lawyer write them a letter, make a few phone calls, and just bring that company down.


Sudiegirl said...

Oh lord...I feel your pain my sistah. Comcast did that crap to me.


Hang in there.

super des said...

Ah, I am now reading this comment using my own internet. Hopefully I never have to deal with that again.

Average Jane said...

How incredibly annoying. Time Warner has such a monopoly in most areas that they feel as though they can behave any way they want and we just have to take it.

super des said...

It's true. And that's what makes me the maddest - I still have to use them.

mar said...

it's horrible because those service people totally knew that you were making idle threats, that you had no choice but to use their service.
glad you finally have it now!

super des said...

I am also glad.

jessabean said...

I really hate cable companies. They are truly the worst. And it's not fair that there is no competition so we never have a choice. Argh!

Arlene said...

Did you count your shoes after the cable guy left?

I just read about a cable guy that stole 1500 pair of women's shoes.

super des said...

Luckily this guy went nowhere near my closet. I'd REALLY have to kill him then!

# #