Saturday, September 08, 2007

break it down

There was a fire in my new building a coupla years ago. I don't know the details, but the whole building had to be gutted and renovated. So, we are the first people to live on Floor 3. Floors 1 & 2 were filled before 3, but they are also the first people to live there.

-The gas wasn't hooked up, so until we had a new meter installed, there was no use of the stove. -Everything in the apartment is covered with a fine layer of dust from when they installed the new cabinets and did not sweep up.
-When the cable guy finally showed up (at 12:30 the next day, and only then after numerous angry calls) he couldn't do anything because the building is not pre-wired for cable. Which I don't believe, I think it is just Time-Warner being dicks because
a) are you telling me that the other 2 tenants do not have cable or i-net or any services that require wiring?
b) then why is there a cable outlet in every. single. room. of the apartment?

So I still hate them and have no permanent i-net yet. I can only use it when
a) C is here with his laptop
b) there is an unsecured wireless connection floating around
c) the connections actually connect
d) C does not need to use his laptop for "schoolwork." (what like my work is not important?)

You see why I have not been blogging. Instead, I have been
1. unpacking
2. washing those dishes etc that were wrapped in the "adult personals" of the free paper
3. Arguing with various "service" people about how they are retarded
4. Harassing the cat (see previous post)
5. Cruising the new 'hood (I love that there are things in my neighborhood now! Cafes! Restaurants! Boutiques! Coffee shops! A park!)

Yeah. More later. Maybe.


Suzanne said...

Oooooooh. That sucks. A lot. Ask your friendly neighbors what the hell they are doing for the necessities of life that you have been denied.

mar said...

yay! new location!
bleah-argh for moving worries.
best of luck with things.

MsLittlePea said...

I understand exactly what you're going through. Especially since in the 10 1/2 years I've been married I've moved...oh...14(!) times. Twice overseas, so bitch all you want because I'm so with you dear....

Things will get better, you'll see.

Have you thought about satellite? Is it possible?

BTW I was totally trying to get your kitty to come down for a visit...I'll admit it.

super des said...

We just bought curtains, so that should cut down on the heat, and more service people are supposed to come next week, so we'll see how things go.

jessabean said...

Aw man! I hope you get back to the internets soon because we miss you!

# #