Friday, September 28, 2007

it's all coming together

I have my own internet. Finally! Someone did show up yesterday after the "trouble." I felt bad for being snippy with the guy on the phone because it wasn't his fault, but he works for a horrible monster of a company. When he called back, I made C answer the phone. He said that he had just spoken with C's "wife" and that I was "reasonably upset." I took it to mean that he understands why a thing like that would make me angry. When someone did come to install the internet, he was a different guy than last time, thank goodness. This guy was polite, saying "please" and "thank you" and "bless you" when I sneezed. He laughed at the cat running up his tower. And - get this - he actually installed the internet! It turns out that the last guy was just lazy, and he didn't want to drill the one hole that was needed to hook up the cable. I hate that other guy. But now I have internet and I'm a happy monkey.

The apartment is 95% unpacked. All that remain are the decorations, which are going up slowly because there are a lot of them. We even got one of the 6 window blinds hung up... the one in the bedroom which now blocks a bright bright streetlight from making our bedroom into daytime when we try to sleep. (I was using a sleeping mask before, but C would have no part of that.) Next up, the window in the parlor in which the sun comes through for about 10 hours a day, making it too hot to enjoy my awesome room. Unfortunately, the blinds are a pain in the buttocks to put up, so the most I can hope for is one a day. (Damn you Ikea!)

I have a job interview. It's not at the place I really wanted, but it will still be fine. It's for a cafe position in a major chain bookstore that I have been known to frequent. I go in for an interview on Monday, and today I think I'll call my first choice and let them know there is now competition for my love. I'm still deciding if I'm gonna wear my suit to the interview. Go me!

I started making jewelry again. Damn, it's been a while.

I've psuedo-finished my application to the NYC teaching fellowship and sent it off to my writing group for review. As soon as I get their excellent feedback, I will submit it and then maybe be a teacher, like I'd planned all along. This is one of the most competitive things around, so I know there is a good chance that I won't make it in. But at least I'm trying, dammit.

C and I went to a local bar the other night. We ended up in the closest one to our house, which is a lesbian bar. If I was a middle aged lesbian, I would totally live there. It was a cool place. The bartender was nice and even introduced 2 women that were sitting at the bar by themselves. It was a very "Cheers" kind of vibe, but without the Cliff Clavens, as far as I could tell. Their own special beer was good too, and for a 2-for-1 price, it couldn't be beat. Oh yeah, and they had a board plastered with bumper stickers like I do in my parlor, and many of their bumper stickers matched mine. And they had a big banner advertisement for the Beastie Boys. And Jeopardy was on the tv. Good times, all around.

So that's a good update about where I'm at. At some point I will do the 2 memes I've been tagged for. Now that I can use my internet at all hours, I'm sure I will once again run out of interesting things to write.


mar said...

yay! good news for des!

jessabean said...

Congrats on the job interview, and I'll be rooting for you and the teaching fellowship!

But the BEST news have internet!!!

flutter said...

you're going to do great on your interview

super des said...

thanks guys :)

Jbeeky said...

How was the interview? Yay for cool bars, I love em!

super des said...

The interview's on Monday. M-O-N-D-A-Y.

And you know I'll write about it!

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