Monday, August 06, 2007

2 legit 2 quit

It's really cool if you say your name and someone recognizes you from your blog. It kinda makes you feel like a celeb. Especially when someone recognizes you because they are a psycho stalker.

Yeah, this happened to me at BlogHer.

During the semi-lame "meet and greet" thingy, I was doing my thing, introducing myself and handing out cards like crazy. I got to one lady and said "hi, I'm des." and she said "wait - the wonderful world of des?" and I was like yeah! You know me! Then she turned evil and said "You took us off!"
You took us off your site. I'm from codename: psycho spyware company.
Oh! My blog template crashed a while back and I lost a lot of my links. (This is true, btw.)
We were really bummed around the office that you took us off.
Oh, like I said, I lost a lot of links, and people had to email me their stuff again. I guess I didn't realize I lost yours because I never really look at my own site except in edit mode.
Well maybe you'll put us back on. (menacing glare)

Thankfully it was time to meet and greet the next person. But I ran back and told my friends about that odd experience.

Then later in the weekend we were at the closing "cocktail hour." We had other places to be, so I was playing wrangler and gathering all my friends up. En route, I was stopped again, by the same lady.
Oh hi, listen I gotta go - I'm trying to get somewhere.
(she grabs my shoulders and "leads" me away) Let me give you a t-shirt. Will you wear it?
(no response)
Is that a yes or a no?
I guess. listen, I really need to go....
And maybe you'll put our link back on your site!
I told you, my template crashed and I lost everything.
Excuse me? If that's the way you're going to be I'm not going to link to you at all.
ha ha ha, I'm just kidding. Here's a t-shirt.

I take it and run off to again tell my friends about this psycho. I give the t-shirt to Suzanne, even though Count Mockula had a great idea about ninety-fying the shirt (you know, with fringe and wooden beads like people used to wear back in the day?). But when Suze was able to hold the shirt over her head and still see everything that was going on because of the paper-thinness, it was decided that the shirt and everything it represented would have to be burned. I'm not actually sure what happened to it, but I'm fine with that.

And if you're reading this, psycho "product evangelist" and I'm sure you know who you are, here's a tip:


Christina said...

Seriously? Creepy psycho is right. Dare I ask what company this was?

super des said...

They're called "lijit."
I didn't wanna link to them, for obvious reasons.

betsy223 said...

she sounds like a good person to stay away person and otherwise!

super des said...


SUEB0B said...

I love that story. It is even better in writing.

super des said...

Really? I guess I would rather read about it than live it.

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