Monday, August 06, 2007

chi-town pho-tos

I know: You're already sick of hearing about my trip. Well too bad.
Here are some fun pictures I took.

This first one is Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. It's huge.

Second, me in a yellow visor that says Chicago. I had to protect my precious face from sunburns didn't I?

Third, the Chicago skyline as seen from a boat on Lake Michigan. I liked the way it lined up in order of height.

And, the Cool Kids Club. Not everyone who was at BlogHer and cool is in this picture, but everyone in the picture is cool and at BlogHer.

Left to right:
Alex Elliot
I, Asshole
Count Mockula
Liz (in front)

Her's the Cool Kids Club version 2, which I stole from a website whose marketing people were at the conference. You know, because they are bloggers....

Left to right:
Count Mockula
Karrie W of One Weird Mother (whose blog has disappeared... Karrie, where is it?)
Plain Jane Mom
and then me, with that hair.


Count Mockula said...

Good photos! And thanks to Liz's head for covering my on-display cleavage!

super des said...

I'm sure I've got some Count Mock cleavage photos somewhere...

Anonymous said...

I see that first photo and am such a loser that I immediately start humming, "Love and marriage, love and marriage..."

THANK YOU for posting photos! You all look lovely and fun and I wish I could have gone, but y'all would have probably made me sit at the Dorky Kids table.

super des said...

Oh yeah, that's the fountain. I forgot already.

AND, you would have been at the Cool Kids table, all the way!

SUEB0B said...

Great photos! And I love the new header.

jessabean said...

Ohhh I wish I could have been there! You all look great, and maybe next year I can go and sit with the cool kids or something.

super des said...

Thanks Suebob! Those fireworks might look familiar.

And of course jessabean would be at the cool Kids club!

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