Friday, July 27, 2007

blog blog bloggity blogher

Here I am in Chicago, an hour and a half flight from NYC. But it didn't take me an hour and a half, did it? No, it took me 9 hours. That's right, 4 hours in the airport while they delayed and delayed my flight, then 5 hours on the plane. Almost 3 of those last hours were me sitting on the plane on the tarmac while (invisible) thunderstorms ravaged the Chicago area.

the 4 of us slept soundly and woke to come to the conference and get yummy yummy breakfast. There was a "speed dating" thing in which I repeated my name and blog stats 10,000 times while 2 circles pretended to move so we could pretend to meet new people. But I was a busy bee and gave out many business cards. I also came to realize that (other than my jewelry blog) I have nothing to offer a prospective reader. Hey, wanna read about my mundane life? I make it funny and some things make me mad. It's just like everyone else's.

So yeah. I took a lecture on "branding myself" in which I learned the following: conform, specialize (but combine topics), don't throw spaghetti, write better, be interesting, and above all, get a new tagline. Now I'm in a session telling me not to eat chicken soup just so I can blog about it. Sorry folks, I don't eat chicken soup anyway. If I did, it would be a truly blogworthy event. You know, like every single thing I've written ever. Ever.

ps - I'm using Count Mockula's computer which has no printed letters on many of the keys, causing me much strife as I continually mix up my Cs and Vs. Lucky for me though, Kimberly is sitting next to me and, ahem, correcting me. It's because she cares, and that's a direct quote.


flutter said...

well I care, too all the way from AZ.

Alex Elliot said...

What session where you at where they talked about chicken soup?

Jbeeky said...

Have fun!

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