Thursday, July 26, 2007

busy trip day

Here are the things I am simultaneously doing to get ready for my trip:

dying my hair red
painting my nails purple
hanging out with Craig, who worked extra-late last night so he could go to work extra late today
blogging (duh)
finishing my bracelet
packing, remembering to include the following:
--bridesmaid dress
--gym clothes
--newspapers for Suzanne
--business cards
--wedding day "emergency" bag
--bachelorette party stuff
--assorted presents
--regular clothes
--ALL of my makeup (I'm in a wedding for gosh sakes... my normal travel kit will not do!)
--chargers for phone, camera, ipod
--phone, camera, ipod
--relevant jewelry
--and more things that I've apparently already forgotten

My plane leaves at 4 something. Think I'll make it?

*last 2 trips I've taken, I've ended up needing my jewelry tools. Yes, I've crossed that line.


LittlePea said...

Of course you'll be fine!

Loved the meme by the way.

Count Mockula said...

Ha! All I did was pack the electronics, eat, buy ramen so my Sweetie doesn't starve while I'm gone, and... well nothing as complicated as your morning! There were certainly no tools involved!

Count Mockula said...

I thought you updated a few minutes ago?!

# #