Monday, June 25, 2007


I made an attempt to go back to work. I'm technically still here, but I'm in a lot of pain and not doing any work. People are telling me to go home, and I will do that very soon. It's only 10:30.

New Boss told everyone I was in a car accident. For some reason this worries people more than when I correct them and say it was a bike. "Oh a bike, you can't really get hurt that way." Nobody's said that, but their tone changes to reflect it. Except that they're wrong because obviously you can be hurt in a bike crash. *points to self* In a car you are encased in steel, strapped down, and probably have airbags. On a bike, you should have a helmet. And the open street. Last time I was in a car accident (also in CA - I think I need to stop going there?) I was barely hurt at all. Bike accident, the one I've been in in many moons, hurt pretty badly. Yeah.

I thought about tape-recording myself telling the story because I knew I'd be repeating it ad nauseum. But I didn't have a tape recorder. The version gets shorter every time, which is fine with me. Also, people can see my very bruised ankle even with my bandage, and they know they can't see a rib or shoulder injury. I did roll up my long sleeves to show President the remains of my scrapes, but everyone else is satisfied that I'm not lying.

I did get this email, from Creepy Guy I've mentioned before:

You may find this surprising but …

My thoughts are with you constantly.

Ew. So I'm going to go home soon. For many, many reasons.


Suzanne said...

That guy probably amde your wounds hurt more. So freaky.

super des said...

Made me want to delay my return.

# #