Monday, June 25, 2007

this shouldn't need saying

After hearing about Jessie Davis, and remembering Laci Peterson, I wrote the following letter to Craig:

If for some reason I am pregnant, and you suddenly realize that I am just days away from delivering, don't kill me. I know you might not be "ready" to be a father, but there are better ways out of it. Of course I would prefer it if you were a loving and supportive husband and father, but you might freak out. Maybe you're having an affair. Now being a man, you won't think things through. Killing me is NOT an option. Counseling IS an option. You do realize you would be the first person police questioned if I were to go missing right?

If you must be rid of me, just up and leave. I'll go home to live with my dad, or find solace in the arms of a best friend. But I will be alive, and that's the clincher. I'd rather be a single mom on welfare than found murdered in the wilderness.

You will regret your decision to kill me. AND it will be for two counts of murder, because the baby counts. They will catch you. You will go to jail and be beaten by the other inmates. Not to mention your professional career will go down the tubes. Someday, after all this has happened, maybe you will need a kidney. There is nobody to help you. If only you had a child. Too bad you decided to murder the mother of your unborn son. Now you have no kidney - the other one took the brunt of the beatings until it ruptured, and this one has been ruined by all the medications you've taken to get over your depression. You will get on a donor's list, but since you are in jail for multiple murders, you are not highest priority. You will get sicker and sicker as your remaining kidney continues to fail, until you die and go to hell. Murderers are in the 7th circle, you know.

So, don't kill me if I am about to have a baby. In fact, don't kill me even if I'm not about to have a baby. No killing of des.

I am not actually in fear of this happening. However, I'm sure that Laci & Jessie weren't either. But it never hurts to get things in writing, especially when dealing with lawyers.


DangerDoll said...

Graphic and detailed, just the way I like it. Good job. No killing of Des.

SUEB0B said...

The disclaimer is my favorite part.

super des said...

bad karma = kidney failure.

Disclaimers are so often necessary.

karrie said...

Great letter.

These guys must be so arrogant to think they'll get away with it. It is hard to wonder why they just do not leave, instead of killing though.

super des said...

That's one of the mysteries of men.

# #