Tuesday, June 12, 2007

keep counting down the days

Let me just say that even though I'm excited for my trip, I'm sad I have to wake up early on my bday to spend the day traveling. I am not sad to miss work of course. And I'm not waking up any earlier than I normally do for work (plane leaves t 10:30). It's going to be a great trip.

One thing I won't miss is trying to teach people that refuse to learn. This is why I have great respect for teachers. I can't deal with it. For example, New Boss will hand me something and say "I can't find this customer. I looked it up and it wasn't there." I will look it up in front of her, and show her that, yes, it is there. "Oh I didn't see it." How can you not see it? It's the only thing on the computer screen!

Or, "I click Edit but nothing happens. Why does nothing happen?" Because there's nothing to edit. Click Add to bring it in. Now you can edit if you want, but since it is new there is no need to edit. So she clicks Add for everything following that, whether she needs to or not. Even when I am standing next to her showing her what to do (and what she should already know and had been doing all morning) she still insists on doing it wrong. I swear she's doing it on purpose so that I will get frustrated and just do her work for her. Of course homey don't play that. She's gonna learn before I leave, or else the company will go under. It's dangerous to have a moron in charge of finance.

The other thing I won't miss is the creepy guy. One time he farted really loudly in the lunch room and I laughed really hard when he ran out. Some time later, I got this email from him:

With (ex-coworker) gone, I am Acutely aware …
that u’ll be secluded back there in your cubicle
with hardly anyone to talk to from time to time

However …
I am also strangely aware that whenever I’m
around you, I become a Flatulent, Bubbling idiot

Go figure.

ps: you look very nice today (as usual)

Whenever we're in the break room together (which is often because he's on salary instead of hourly wage, so apparently he can take 4 hour lunches) he always makes sure I have a newspaper to read. "Here's today's paper" he'll say as we walks over to hand it to me. "No thanks, I have my book" just like I do every single day. And if by chance we're not in there at the same time, I always find the paper neatly folded in front of my usual seat by the window. I very neatly push it aside.

Today he went through a big hullaballoo about some minor change. I told him none of that was necessary - just send me an email telling me there's a spelling error in a customer's name. No forms to fill out, no jobs to give me. So he sent me this email:

maybe I'm just trying too hard to please you

Well I got news for you buddy. You're failing miserably. I am not interested in you in any way, even as a coworker.

43 days left, only 29 of them workdays.

pa - I didn't mean to write 2 long posts today. Can you tell I have nothing to do?


Count Mockula said...

Ooh, sounds like a real creepo. I get icky vibes just from his e-mail.

super des said...

Yeah, it's not the scary kind of creep. It's the icky kind of creep.

Suzanne said...

I know that is not funny, but it still is. What a freak.

jessabean said...

Oooooh I HATE creepy icky work guys! I was still laughing my ass off about the fart though. Farts are always funny. :)

super des said...

No, it is funny.
And I still laugh about that fart every time I think about it.

Alex Elliot said...

I don't think I've ever had a guy tried to woo me with farts! Can't say I'm jealous though :)

super des said...

What made it really funny is the way he gathered up his stuff and fled. Maybe he's going for humor?

MsLittlePea said...

ew! Sounds like he has a crush.

super des said...

Ew is right.

# #