Sunday, January 30, 2011

personality test

Every so often, I like to take the Jung Typology (personality) Test. Even though I get the same answer, I always forget what that answer is.

I'm an ISTJ, also known as an Inspector. Also read as a robot. I find it pretty accurate, the most hard-hitting sentence being "They are patient with their work and with the procedures within an institution, although not always with the unauthorized behavior of some people in that institution." What? Me get annoyed at people for not doing thir job, especially when it affects my job? Nooooooooo.

I had to take a test like this for my job in NYC. It was very long and much more involved then this online one, and the results were much more in depth. I got to see my results (most people don't) and I should have made a copy. It said the same thing, and it actually used the term robot. So you see, I'm not just making that up.

Speaking of jobs, the online test gives a list of jobs & careers suitable for my personality type, but I'm pretty convinced that it's just a ploy to check out some online schools. It gave me things like Management and military service. I understand why - they are rigid and organized. But getting to those positions is not. Regardless, I'm happy with my choice to go into cosmetology. It mixes science with creativity, plus I get the benefits of dealing with people and having every day be different. And who better to do hair than a robot? ;)


Pea said...

I took it! My results called me a performer which is way off what I thought it would be. I thought,"Performer? hell no, I hate people watching me....oh wait No I don't, I have a youtube channel....oh."

Interesting. I think you'll make a great stylist. If you lived in my town I'd totally be a client.

mdog said...

woot istj :)

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