Sunday, January 23, 2011

updates on school and work

Other than burning my finger when learning to use old skool metal curlers and straighteners, school is still going well.

For some reason (I guess just to have it on paper that I'm not a total idiot), I have to take a Computer Basics class. It really is the basics too. I mean, obviously I can use a computer. I'm using one right now. I used one to register for that class. I can write HTML code. I can use a damn computer. But they teach us to "double click" on icons and how to get on the internet. I spend that 2 hours a week texting Jay and playing games on my phone because honestly there's nothing I can learn. I also had to buy a book for it (really?) and the one in the bookstore was like $75. Next semester they're upgrading to Office 2010, so the book on Office 2007 (I know!) won't be worth anything to buy back. Luckily I found a place to rent the book for $19, so now I don't have to worry about spending a bunch of dough that I don't have on a book that I will never use.

Pretty much everyone in the COS class gets along. I haven't hung out with anyone outside of class yet, but there are a few people that I would consider. This is evidenced by the other day at lunch: everyone was crowded around one table with not enough seats. I had gotten to the lobby a little late, so I was left without a chair. I stood around for a few minutes, then decided to go sit at another table by myself. (We stand up for 7 hours a day, so I took the seat when I had the chance.) But a few minutes later, a few of my "friends" came from the other table to sit with me. That made me smile.

However, there's one chick in my class that noboody likes. All she does is complain, and everything she says is negative. At first she was complaining that we use too many chemicals and everything is so wasteful. I initially brushed her off as a hippie that was just in the wrong profession (seriously, cosmetology uses a ton of unnatural chemicals!) but she kept making it worse. Everything we do in class is "impossible" (even though the rest of us are managing ok) and every problem she has is horrible and dramatic and deserves special attention, even making the teacher stop in the middle of class. The rest of us always exchange silent eyerolls whenever she opens her mouth, and I hope that she drops the program. She's only taking it because she was a dog groomer and people aren't paying for that service anymore, so she figured grooming people "is the same thing" just with a license.

I'm still looking for a new job. Besides the pay cut I mentioned previously, I found out some things the other day that made me very stabby. My previous supervisor lied to the managers about me. He said he had previously "counseled" me regarding my performance, and since my performance hadn't improved, I was supposed to be written up. The only problem was that he never had actually counseled me, which is why (thankfully) they couldn't find the paperwork, so I couldn't be written up. For a job that I no longer have, btw. And this same guy had told them that he was doing my work for me. For example, there were these giant cardboard bins that I spent several days building... he said that he built them. I threw a fit right then and told the manager to ask the rest of my coworkers, as they all saw me building them, and many made jokes about how I was building cardboard forts to hide in. Before this, I had been friends with this guy. I was able to separate friendship from work, but lying to his superiors to make me look bad and him look good, well, that's not something a friend does. That's not even something a good manager or decent human being does. I haven't had to work with him since, but when I eventually do, I'm sure he'll ask why I de-friended him on facebook. And I'll tell him exactly why.

Other than that, work isn't horrible. It's kind of nice not having to do so much - my new position is like braindead. I mean the pay still sucks, but until I get something better I can stick with it. I haven't had to work with either of the 2 people I hate, so hopefully it will stay that way.

Sorry this was kind of a negative blog but really I am still pretty happy. I miss my friends at work, but I still keep in touch with them and hang out with them occasionally, and I'm on my way to having new friends from school. And of course, I still have all of you lovely people.

And sorry it was TL;DR. And I used a lot of parentheticals. But I actually have things to say now!


Pea said...

I'm glad you're going to Cosmetology school and that you like it. I've been thinking of going myself since there aren't really any decent Aesthetics programs in my town(as I've complained about already). Is it pricey? I think right now that's the only thing that makes me hesitate.

Btw I love that Hadley is such a "street tuffie" that she doesn't know the difference between a scratchy board and a bed. Sweet thing. Maybe in a year from now she'll be such a pampered snob, you won't even recognise her. But I have a feeling she'll always be a scrapper :o)

super des said...

Mine's not expensive, but I lucked out that the local community college is the one with the awesome cos program. I'm also able to get financial aid for it.
But I know that "branded" schools are super expensive.

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