Sunday, January 16, 2011

I finally had my first day of school, after 3 & 1/2 days' delay from snow.

I think I'm really going to like Cosmetology school. There are 4 "classes" in the program - beginners (like me), advanced, seniors, and estheticians. Normally there's a manicurist class too, but not this semester. My class only has 9 people in it, all girls. There are a total of 3 guys in the whole program (out of about 40 or so), and well... way to fit stereotypes, gay hairdressers. (jk)

The $1500 I spent break down into one giant box of books - a set of 7 - and my cosmetology kit, which includes things like plastic heads and various hairpieces, along with assorted tools. I was super excited to open the kit and play with everything. :D The books include "quizzes" which are so simple that I could do them all tonight and turn them in tomorrow. It's a nice change from the studying I had to do while getting my Bachelors. However, I know cosmetology uses a different part of the brain than that.

My teacher is a no-nonsense Jamaican lady, and I think I'm going to like her. In fact, I'm really excited about the whole thing. Even though it's going to take some effort and life adjustments, I think I made the right choice in going back to school for a career in hair.

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Anonymous said...

That's great! I hope you love it! Will you get to post pics of your "models"?

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