Thursday, December 30, 2010


I normally don't make New Year's resolutions. I'm of the mind that if you want / need to change something about yourself, you should just do it and not wait until the calendar says to. This year it just so happens that I need to change myself right at the new year. How convenient.

I'm going to stop being such a downer and have more fun with my life. I know I've been having a hard time lately, but I shouldn't let it bring me down. I am certainly lucky in that I have love (from both Jay and 2 adorable kitties), a nice place to live, lots of friends all over the world, and a job. Sure, I'm looking for a new job because I hate this one, but a lot of people don't have even that luxury. In fact, I've been that person too, and I'll do what I can to not be in that position again. I watch tv and movies about families that are poor but happy. I want to be that. I am going to stop being so sad about my situation and have fun with what I do have. The fact that I'm being sad just makes me sadder, and that's a retarded circle that needs to stop. I'm going to stop wishing for things I can't have, and start enjoying the things I already do.

So I'm gonna do it. I used to be one of the happiest people I knew, so I know it's possible. And I need you, my blog friends to help keep me on track. An occasional downer post is allowed, but if I start bringing you down with all my Desi Downer acts, slap some sense into me!

I might even get a tattoo of the quote "It's fun to have fun" which is a Dr. Seuss quote that (used to be) my motto.

Other than that, everyone have a safe and happy new year. And have fun! :D :kiss:

ps - I'm officially done working overnights now, so that will probably help with the happiness. :D

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How about a "things I'm thankful for this week" post?

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