Saturday, December 18, 2010

silly cat

When I was in 3rd grade or so, we read a story in class about the Alaskan natives. The time period was such that they still weren't "Americanized" but they did receive yearly boat shipments of oranges. Because oranges are not native to Alaska (something about the cold....) the girl that was the focus of the story would eat the outside (the peel) and throw away the "garbage" inside. Obviously this is backwards from the norm. But the outside was better than anything she had ever had, so she didn't imagine that it could be even better.

I relate this story because of Hadley, the new kitty. She was definitely a "street cat" before we got her, and so is not used to the basic comforts of home that Mecrutio takes for granted. For example, we have a few cardboard scratchers around. Mecru uses them like a normal cat - scratchy scratchy. Whereas Hadley lies on it as a bed. We have many soft things for the cats to lie on, including various cat beds, blankets, and even our own bed, but no. The scratchers are more comfortable than anything she had on the streets, so she doesn't need to look for anything softer.


We're trying to teach her about beds, but as long as she's happy.

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