Friday, December 10, 2010

financial woes

Warning, sad emo blog.

I'm really stressing about money today. Why?

-Out of the 2 cars we started out with, one is still smashed and the other has severe transmission problems. Both can be fixed, but not with our current resources.

- I don't know I'm going to pay for school. My financial aid still hasn't kicked in, and probably won't until too late. I can make payments on the tuition, but I didn't realize until I actually went to sign up that it requires a 33% down payment, which means I need about $300 by next week. Then I need another $1300 or so by next month for a uniform and supplies, which are specific packages I can only get through the school.

- xmas is coming, and I already feel horrible that people are going to be buying me gifts when I can do so little for them.

The list can go on, but those are the major worries right now. And I am trying to better my situation - I have one side job that started out pretty awesome. It's one of those work at home deals, and it was so awesome that I was planning on quitting my real job (which I hate) as soon as I had all my school bills paid with the extra money. But they recently changed it so I can only work like 1-2 hours a day. I know every bit helps, but seriously, an extra $10 a day isn't really helping me make my deadlines. And that means I have to stay at my horrible "real" job.

I have another side job lined up too. I did my (paid) training for it today. A friend of mine is going on vacation and needed someone to cover his part time job. It's a pretty sweet gig: I go down to the local BMW dealership 3 times a week, and take pictures of cars. I have to move the cars around and take very specific pictures of them, but I get paid for 3 hours' work whether it takes that long or not (and he said it usually takes only about an hour). If it's raining or snowing, I still get paid. Then I go home and upload the pictures to the website and a few days later there is more money in my bank. So this will help out a little anyway, though I'm not sure if that will be in time for school. And as always, there's still the odd sale from my etsy store and the random modeling job, but those are not reliable sources.

OK, sorry to lay that on you but I needed to get that off my chest.

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