Saturday, November 13, 2010


Lots to update.

We moved into our new place like a month & a half ago. I don't have my own internet YET, but it should be coming soon. Luckily I have Jay's smartphone to tether sometimes. :)
The new place is pretty great, a lot better than the old place. My only complaints are that none of the rooms get full sun - the den and kitchen each get a sliver big enough for the cat to sit in but not me - and the neighbor kids do nothing but scream and cry. All day. Every day. It's not so bad when we have the tv or music on, but when I'm trying to read quietly or go to sleep... yeah, I consider taking those 3 kids (all under age 4 or so) and ditching them in the woods somewhere.

So things were going quite well, until...

...we got in a car accident. Downhill (maybe a bit too fast) at the moment that it starts sleeting for the first time leads to smashy smashy. We're both fine, but down to one car that already barely runs. For the record, I wasn't driving and I maintain my perfect driving record. :D

Work has been killing me. A month or so ago I put in to get my old job back, because I'm tired of being beaten up and exhausted every day from doing my job without the proper equipment. They said "we'll talk about it" after the first of the year. Which means no. Then the other day the store manager chewed me out for not meeting a deadline. I had already pointed out multiple times why the deadline was impossible. What made it worse is that I got yelled at on the sales floor, in front of many of my coworkers and customers. That is the part that I couldn't let slide, and in fact I would have walked out right then if I didn't need the money so badly (thanks in part to the aforementioned car accident).
Then later I was informed that during the managers' meeting, I was named "bottom contributor" of the store. I've never called in sick, I'm never late, and I'm generally ahead in my work - so much so that I help out other people all the time. In fact, right before I switched positions, I was unanimously named the Top contributor. Yet somehow now, I am worse than all those part-time cashiers that call out constantly (if they call at all) or worse than the guys that cuss at the customers or whatever. So anyway, I've offically lost my work ethic and am open to another job elsewhere.

Speaking of that....

I'M A COLLEGE STUDENT AGAIN! Cosmetology, to be exact. I've been thinking about it for a while, and the other day on a whim I went down to the school. My timing was perfect, and I put my name in just in time for them to go ahead with the program (they only do it in Spring if there is enough interest) and classes start January 10. I went to my orientation, and it's going to be a pain in the ass and a lot of work, but I know it will be worth it. I'll get to do something I actually enjoy for a living, imagine that! I do have to take out all my earrings / piercings for class though (thank you very much, state board) but if that's the most I have to sacrifice, so be it. ;)

However, my financial aid is going to take several weeks to kick in, and I need to buy my supplies before that happens. The plus side is that I only have to buy supplies once - not every semester like regular college. The down side is that I need about $1500 before classes start to do this, and that's the part I am stuck on. I'm selling things on ebay, still selling jewelry (in theory), and doing what I can, but money is already tight without this giant expense. I'm looking for work gigs for extra cash, but this town is dry as a bone. I'm almost to the point where I feel like I should just complete the cliche and become a stripper at night while I'm a cosmetology student during the day. And yes, I'm joking. Kinda.

Anyhoo, hopefully when I get my internet back, I can blog more.

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Pea said...

I'm excited for you Des. I think Cosmetology is a good way to go. I had flirted with going to school to become an Estitician but when I went to tour the only school in my town, I just felt like I was at a car dealership. They are ripping people off charging $24,000- (yes that's a comma) when I know that other more reputable schools charge between 3000 and 8000. So....yeah. I was thinking about cosmetology though. Keep us updated. Share some tips if you feel generous :o)

I'm sorry your boss is such a jerk. Is there some way you can report him to Human Resources? Anonymously maybe?

AND I'm glad they you guys are both in one piece. The roads are dangerous this time of year I guess because of the up-down temperatures.

BTW I also sympathize having loud neighbors myself....

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