Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is not a post about what I'm thankful for. Those are boring. It's more of the minor disappointment variety.

This year we are eating dinner with some friends, who are incidentally moving out of state just a few days later. They are preparing the turkey, so we just have to worry about sides. My requirements are easy enough: candied yams, black olives, and sweet dinner rolls. Yams require no effort at all because this is the South and they love their sweet potatoes. Olives, well, that's just opening a can (and putting the olives on my fingers). I thought sweet rolls (also called Hawai'an rolls) would be easy too, considering this area's love of sweet tea. But they also love homemade flaky biscuits, and I guess that wins out because I can not find sweet rolls anywhere in this town.

After failing at the regular grocery store, I checked the organic / specialty store. Nuthin. They did have honey butter though, so I bought that, even though it was $6 for a small tub. And because I didn't want to make another stop, I went ahead and bought the regular rolls, which were literally 4 times the price I should have paid. Since I was spending unnecessary money, I thought I would buy some Tofurkey jerky as well, but apparently it's been discontinued. And usually that store has a coupon for a certain item free (be it a bag of apples, pasta, or what have you) when you spend $5. But not this week.

So all in all, it was a disappointing trip. I know dinner will be tasty no matter what, but I wish things had gone my way.

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