Wednesday, September 01, 2010


So today at work I had to hang a sign on the front door. I sat on the inside, so the automatic doors opened towards me. The static cling sign was about 3 feet square, so it took several minutes to get it straight, smooth out all the bubbles, etc. Now, I would rather have waited until the morning (before the store opens), but the Store Manager - you know, the one who knows everything about my job even though he's never done it) wanted it done today.

During this time, people were coming in through this door. All of them would stop and look at me. Then some of them would walk 1 foot to the right and use the *gasp* manual door. But too many people continued through the automatic door, opening it ONTO me, inconveniencing me and forcing to stop my work (and move fast to avoid getting whacked in the face). I actually had to recruit one of my coworkers to stand guard so I could just take 5 uninterrupted minutes and finish.

Now, what went through their heads? Hmmm. there's a person on the other side of this door. Since I can see her clearly, I know she is in the middle of doing something. But she's in my way. I don't understand what to do! If only there were some simple solution....

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