Friday, August 20, 2010

more adventures in retail

I'm thinking about starting a new blog, just about my stories about customers. I could pull a lot from this blog, and as long as I have my current job I will always have fodder for new material. What do you think, would you be into that?

Anyway, here are today's stories:

-My last customer of the day br\ought a whole cartful of things, and each item had a coupon. But she didn't bother reading the coupons, so some of the items were the wrong sizes or flavors, or the coupon was only good when you brought 3 of them, or whatever. Some of the coupons weren't even for items that we sell in my store.
The chick that was taking over my register so I could go home had to keep running and grabbing items for this lady because the lady didn't want to do another transaction.

I made sure the managers knew about that one, and I wrote my coworker a "great team" card, which gets posted on the bulletin board for all to see.

-Someone was buying 2 binders today, so I put them inside each other so they would fit in the bag better. She said" Did they teach you to do that? You're so smart!"
But her tone wasn't genuine - it was the same tone you would use with a child or a retarded person. Since I'm obviously not a child, I think she honestly thought I have a mental disability. I got that vibe a lot today. Not sure if people are just quick to judge based on my "profession" or if I was really being stupid. I didn't feel stupid.
Just because I play cashier sometimes at work doesn't mean that I'm retarded or that I didn't go to college. First off, cashiering is not my job. I just help them out sometimes. Secondly, I'm lucky to have any job at all in this shit economy. I can't pick and choose based on what other people will think of me!

-Also I had someone buy a bunch of stuff, pay with foodstamps, then with $4.82 remaining on a gift card (that she wasn't even sure she wanted to use), and then she realized she didn't have enough money to cover the rest. I can't suspend a transaction once a payment has been made, so I had to void the whole thing while she ran out to her car. So she left a shopping cart full of bagged, unpaid merchandise, [b]along with her purse[/b]. I kept it there for a few minutes, but all my other customers were commenting "why would she leave her purse?"
After about 5 minutes I had the manager take the whole thing over to the guest services desk. The lady still didn't come back for like 20 minutes. I son't know where the hell she went.


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Super Bren said...

I LOVE the customer stories!! And as far as people judgin you based on the work one is doing, I agree with the frustration.

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